Day 1: Exploring Lima

Arriving in Peru that morning was surreal.  I'm glad I followed my own gut feeling of separating my clothes and my hubby's between our two backpacks so that if one goes missing, we''ll still be okay.  I'm quoting a passage I have written in my travel journal.

13th September 2008

"We arrived at Lima airport with Yohann and my father-in-law to find out that my luggage was missing. We took a cab to get to the town centre. It was an adventurous trip so note that we never pre-booked any of our accommodation. We checked in at Hotel Espana after walking with our backpacks for three blocks from the main square. That same morning, after a nice shower and a nice breakfast, we explored the cold streets of Peru's Capital and took in the breathtaking Spanish Colonial Architecture."

Monasterio de San Francisco
Those black spots on the church are actual birds by the way.
Paparazzi shot in front of the church?  :)
Monasterio de San Francisco
Palacio Arzobispal

Lovers in Plaza de Armas
Palacio de Gobierno
La Catedral de Lima
Beautiful colors and detail
Plaza San Martin
 We reached this place by walking, believe it or not from Plaza de Armas.  

What I will never forget in Lima were many young couples in love passionately kissing in the parks.  I looked at my hubby and said, " I think we should do that too."  Haha..

Museo de Arte de Lima 
Parque de la Muralla

I always thought of Peru as a bit tropical. I was wrong there.  It was cold. It was around 12-15 degrees Celsius (53.6- 59 degrees F) that day. Lima is still situated on a good altitude.  

Lots of spanish speaking action from my husband, who translated them in french and english to us.  I think I have spoken more french during that trip than Spanish.  I can count Spanish from 1 to 1000  though and know some words here and there because Filipino language is very close to Spanish.  But still, I was looking up from my spanish phrase book from time to time and relied heavily on Yohann to converse with cab drivers and booking rooms.   

Ordering meals become quite easy after a while.  Some have english translations and then you get used to the spanish word for chicken- pollo and vegetable - verdura ...salad- ensalada..and so on.  Lucky are those who had spanish in school.  It's like a continuous pop quiz during the trip. :)

Miraflores tomorrow.

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  1. Hi,
    Lima is the most imressive town I ever lived - and I did it for 9 wonderfull years. I am so touched by the pictures and places I find here on your page. Before moving back to europe we lived at the southern end of the town, Santiago de Surco / Monterrico. I will nver forget all the events, places and above all these generous people, my beloved family, food and music. They called me gringita while being sooooo criolla


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