Road Trip Postcard: Noirmoutier Island

An interesting drive to Ile-de-Noirmoutier off the Atlantic coast of France is a treat!  There are lots of activities from sunbathing at the numerous beaches, gorgeous summer houses, lunch at the picnic grounds, enjoying a sumptuous meal of moules frites during summer, cycling, strolling, checking out the windmills, and camping among many others.

It is accessible by road via a popular route Passage du Gois , a 4.5 kilometer paved road during low tide.  It is completely flooded twice a day during high tide.   A favorite spot visited by thousands of tourists per year for the unveiling of the causeway when the sea disappears.  Locals enjoy fishing by foot and shell fish digging.

How to get there?  Click the  map

Can't wait to go back there during summer.

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