Reminiscing the Wine Country

I could hardly believe it has been 3 years since I last visited North California to see close family.  A mild dose of nostalgia as I spend this weekend home alone without the hubby, who's currently in an adventurous Survivor-like expedition in Malaysia.  Here I am, hibernating in the sandpit browsing through treasured photos.

Arger Martucci Vineyard
The hubby and I love road trips. We explored the wine country on our own via a rental vehicle enjoying a scenic drive from San Francisco to the wine country. No GPS.  Just with a good o'l map. I was tasked to navigate while Yohann was behind the wheel.  Yes, we got there without getting lost. :)

Where: Calistoga and Napa Valley
- Bed & Breakfast
- Drive thru the scenic meandering roads
- Wine Tasting

- Trekking

Glad he was driving as I took in the scenery
Rutherford Street
Happy to be there 
The gourmande as always.  Yummy fajitas at a Mexican Restaurant in Calistoga 
A charming bed and breakfast
Chelsea Garden Inn
He's not a fan of the camera
I enjoyed the room. It felt like I was in a time machine.

The french enjoying California chardonnay
My kinship with feline friends will always be there. 
Robert Louis Stevenson Park
5 Mile Trek
View of the Napa Valley
Stopover before descent
I'm glad we took the time to do it. It was a memorable trip.

Love & light,

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  1. I'm stopping over from Tina's blog--great pictures! I've never been but always wanted to go...

  2. Thanks for visiting. :)


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