Vienna : The Music Capital of the World

This week I'm going to feature my captured memories of Austria.  June reminds me of the beautiful landscape and romantic architecture in the music capital of the world!  

One of the places I always longed to visit in my travel wish list. My dream was to walk along the main street along Stephan Platz on my own, reflecting...To listen to the music of the past that echoed through the old stone walls that had stories to tell for they have witnessed the masters of music that came and went.  

My three male colleagues and I decided to stop by Vienna before heading off to our conference in Innsbruck in June 2008. I was privileged to have finally fulfilled my dream of watching the Opera alone in Vienna. (Well none of them wanted to go--hehehe) I wanted to go so badly and so I did. It was one of the most beautiful nights of my life!  

Stephansdom Cathedral
Vienna Tram

Albertina / International Art Museum

Vienna State Opera
Vienna State Opera, meeting point of opera watchers
Croatia Team during the Euro 2008
I took this picture on the way to the opera

Moi @ Hofburg Imperial Palace
These are some snapshots during our first day exploring the town center of this beautiful city on foot.  I remember beer gardens, classical music drifting in the air, schnitzel, wheat beer and being teary eyed as I listened to the masterpieces of Bach and Mozart in the concert hall.   I'll post our trip to Schonbrunn Palace tomorrow.  


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  1. Just heavenly. Can't wait to see more.

    1. Thanks Tina for dropping by :) Have a great weekend!


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