Salzburg " Old Town"

"The land of the Sound of Music"

We took a train from Innsbruck to get to  Salzburg It took us 2 hours to get there. 

The landscape was completely different from the rugged Olympic atmosphere of Innsbruck and the artsy city of Vienna.  Ever since I was a kid watching Maria dancing with the Von Trapp kids around the fountain chanting Do- Re- Mi, I promised myself that I have to go there one day.  I daydreamed of Austria as I sang, "My Favorite Things."  Without knowing that I will be working for an Austrian company later. The visit to Salzburg exceeded my expectations. I was incredibly filled with awe. The rhythm here is much slower, very tranquil.  I didn't want to leave.  You'll see why..
Old Town

Salzburg is the fourth largest city of Austria. Salzburg literally means " Salt Castle" There is an "Old Town" charm to it along with its famous Baroque Architecture. Much of the old city is a pedestrian zone. One can enjoy strolling between narrow streets with the buildings from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Romanesque and Baroque greeting you in a surreal fashion as though you're looking straight into a postcard.

Pedestrian friendly roads

Rathaus and Staats Brucke Bridge

Eating ice cream at Mozart's Birthplace (Yellow House) 
Mozart Wornhaus

This is the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart grew up and practiced a lot of his music. He rarely stayed here as he was frequently travelling with his father.  I got to touch his piano!  Priceless!

Horse Pond
The Old City's  Baroque architecture is just breathtaking.  Salzburg is definitely one of the loveliest places in Europe!

Anton Neumayr Platz
At the bottom of the colorful flats' roof gutter, the date when the house was constructed was written there. The ancestral homes facade were well kept and  the interior has been converted into a Modern Art Museum.

Old Market Street -  Getreidegasse (Top Right)

Museum of Natural History
Hohensalzburg Fortress

A 900 year-old Citadel, a fully preserved fortress that was never ever conquered by the enemies. It's open to the public all year round and is accessible via a funicular railway from Festungsgasse.

More photos on tomorrow's post where I'll be featuring most of the Sound of Music sights and attractions.

Have a wonderful Saturday!
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