Salzburg "The Sound of Music"

How's your Sunday going?  I am pleased that my mother got me to watch this film, Oscar Hammerstein II - The Sound of Music.  I think I was about seven.  This became my window out into the world that roused my wanderlust at such a tender age, apart from the  Childcraft Places To Know I couldn't help reminiscing.

The charming sceneries of Salzburg  became highlights of the movie from one scene to another.  Visiting Salzburg is  like re-living the film.  The Von Trapp story was indeed true to life.  However, the on-set locations were not the exact sites where the events really took place.  Hollywood seized Salzburg's beauty to create a cinematic masterpiece.    Leopoldskron Palace facade (Above: Top Right photo)  was used as the Von Trapp family home.  There was a scene where the children were boating and fell on the Leopoldskron Lake. The kids were also cycling along the tree lined street above while singing Do- Re- Mi.

Top and Bottom Right photos illustrate the site used for the Von Trapp family's disappearing act, running to escape from Nazi Germany during the World War II.  

Mirabell Gardens is presently considered as one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Europe.  

Maria and the children were seen dancing through the hedge tunnel and around the statue of the winged horse, Pegasus at the fountain singing Do- Re-Mi.  In case you do visit, I dare you to sing your favorite Sound of Music tunes and have it on video.  :)

Pegasus Fountain

There are several statues the could be found along balustrades and there are fountains symbolizing the four elements.

I didn't get to cover all sites such as the "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" Gazebo which was well preserved and situated in Hellbrunn Castle.  There was also the wedding of Maria and Baron Von Trapp in the Mondsee Cathedral and the first few scenes in the Nonnberg Abbey where Maria was a novice with the nuns. 

Nevertheless, I am pleased since we explored the city on our own looking for these places. We didn't go with a  ''Sound of the Music'' tour.  It is advisable to go with a tour if you have limited time.  

I'll conclude with,  "These are a few of my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad..."

Love & light,

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