Christchurch Experience: Avon River (Canterbury)

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, also known as the ''Garden City''.  I personally call NZ by the way as  ''Heaven on Earth.''    Christchurch features grand stone buildings, Elizabethan Architecture and lots of gardens.  

While browsing through old travel journals, I came across these passages:

24th March 2007, Saturday (First Day) "Christchurch Airport"

We have arrived in the afternoon after a 19-hour flight via Emirates Airlines. We had a 1 hour stop over in Sydney, Australia. We took a bus en route to the town centre from Christchurch Airport roughly 20 minutes drive. We were both feeling sleepy due to the time difference. I fell asleep in the bus immediately. We checked in at Stone Hurst Backpackers Inn, where Yohann stayed during his first trip in New Zealand in 2001. There were no double rooms available so we took an ensuite for the first day. We spent the entire afternoon sleeping. We went out to explore the city by nightfall. 

25th March 2007 - Sunday (2nd Day) "Discovering Christchurch"

We enjoyed the walk around the town centre, Cathedral Square with the giant chess, Avon River, Art Center, Botanical Garden, Christchurch Art Gallery, and the Bridge of Remembrance. We had lunch at Hungry Wok at the food court. In the afternoon, we went back to the hostel where we relaxed. There I got to taste NZ beer - ''TUI'' for the first time. 


Avon River (Canterbury)  jumped out like an image from a postcard.  It flows through the heart of Christchurch.  Families enjoy leisurely afternoons punting.  Haven't been back there since the quake.  Still, punting on the Avon River is a great way to view diverse foliage and wildlife against the charming architectural backdrop.

A quiet stop on one of the benches here. I couldn't help taking a picture in one of these red phone booths. 

Happy Saturday!

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