A Walk in a Medieval Town: Murat

One rainy day, we drove to a medieval town named  Murat.  The clouds descended on the volcanic cones surrounding the city.  Resting at the heart of the Auvergne mountains, France,  this magnificent gem drew us in for an architectural walk under a drizzle reminiscing the life during the middle ages.
Eglise de Bredons

The hill above was once a site of a beautiful castle that was torn down and replaced by a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Well-preserved stone houses with slate roofs in meandering sloped streets.  Cafe's and restaurants at every corner.  Little pockets of greenery and garden offering tranquility.

I was told it's one of the most preferred cities to retire in, in France -voted by the french .  With that, it wasn't a surprise to find the rent and cost of a house/ apartment here to be higher than an average cost of a house in a countryside.

I had to take a picture of this new Citroen model.  We don't have these in the Middle East yet.  

The greystone houses are mostly dated between 15th and 16th centuries.  The small alleys lead one to imagine magical portals to go back in time.

The church bell rings at mid day .
Some of the lanes offer a window out to the gorgeous landscape

This was my first time to wear these hiking shoes, breaking them in before getting them muddy in the mountains.   The tour on foot in this old city is something I'll always remember.  

Which walking tour during your trip was your favorite?

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  1. I can just imagine what this place was like in the 15th and 16th centuries. I really enjoyed your pictures! (And I don't have a favorite walking tour - I liked them all!)

    1. Thanks Sherry. If only there was a portal to go back through time- just kidding. I've been reading far too many young adult fantasy fiction novels. :)