Floating Islands

Puno, the gateway to Lake Titicaca in Peru, also known as "the highest navigable lake in the world" was getting us closer to the border of Bolivia.  Travel scribbles during a trip a few years ago. 

From Arequipa, we left at 5:00AM and took the bus to get here. The view from the double decker bus was amazing. We stayed on the fourth floor of Hotel Inti. The location of the room really didn't help my altitude sickness. Breathless, I had to stop halfway most of the time as we climbed the stairs. 

After a sumptuous meal and a brief cold siesta afterwards, we were picked up by the tours in the afternoon for a visit to the floating reed islands of Uros along with a french group of tourists. The sunset on the Lake was definitely a unique experience.

The families harmoniously living here showed us how the reeds are woven together to form the island. It's an amazing work of engineering.  The specialty on the island is a roasted guinea pig.  I was not brave enough to take a bite. Are you adventurous to give it a try?


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