In Between to La Digue

When travelling, we can't avoid those moments in between. Waiting for that next flight or a late train ride departure.  During these stops, what do you normally do?  What if they take hours?  

I would like to share this information based on an actual experience that might deem useful to those planning to travel to Seychelles - say this coming Eid Holidays?

La Digue Island

Mahe to La Digue
During our last trip to Seychelles in June/July 2012, we have arrived in Mahe International Airport at 6:45AM.  Consider 20 minutes taxi drive of about 8 km costing about Eur 20 to get to Victoria Inter Island Jetty.

It's also convenient to arrange a car rental at the airport.  They could have this delivered to you on the jetty or to your hotel upon your return to Mahe Island. We chose Hertz.
Tip: Please do not ever make the mistake of taking a taxi during your entire Mahe trip.

Victoria Inter Island Jetty, Mahe
The boat we took was La Belle Seraphina.  It is a cargo schrooner departing at 12:00 Noon.  I did my research and it's the cheapest and the most interesting (adventurous) way to get to La Digue that is also the most convenient with our flight arrival time.  

Contact Details:   La Belle Seraphina  
Tel:               +248 2 511345 /4234254
Price:             Eur 15 per person (One Way)
Departing from Mahe to La Digue at 12:00 Noon Monday-Friday 
Departing La Digue at 5:00 AM  Monday-Friday
Journey one way is 3 hours of sea sickening ride along gigantic waves

They do not book online and seats are not guaranteed. Nevertheless, I called the company two weeks prior and made phone reservations for two adults. 

There are alternative ferry rides  like Inter Island Ferry Pty Ltd CAT Cocos going to La Digue.  The prices for these ferries are usually + Eur 62 per adult one way  Mahe to La Digue.  Majority of the tourists take this option and  usually stop in Praslin before going to La Digue should you prefer a bigger boat.

We had hours to kill but in order to ensure we have a ride, we stayed in the jetty.  

Lucky for me, I can sleep anywhere immediately even inside a moving train or bus.   The husband is amused by this for he is the exact opposite.  I found grass, tree shade et voila!

The boat was loaded with all types of goods and to our surprise we were the only passengers.  I highly recommend to take anti motion sickness tablets an hour before your journey.  The huge waves around July and August are extremely strong.   Throw in sacks worth of scent from garlic, onions and potatoes wafting in the air as the boat swings you back and forth. The hubby who refused taking tablets had to succumb after getting giddy looking for barf bag once we hit the waves.  Be prepared to get wet!   

It was fun!  I will definitely take this ride again should we go back.  The crew was really nice and welcoming.  In between naps and the occasional splashes of water, we had ample time to converse with them talking about the island, what's great to see and how they usually go about their day.  It's a great opportunity to bond with the locals.  

Do you often get sea sick?
I usually don't but this 'rocking' trip was really memorable.

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  1. Fortunately, I am not one to get sea sick. That's good, because when I was a SCUBA diving instructor, I was out on a lot of rough water! Just look out at the horizon if you feel queasy. And don't look down, or go to a lower level on the boat!

    1. Awesome! So nice to discover you were a scuba diving instructor. It is something I am so scared to try.:) There's something about deep dark water. I am fascinated by those who do it,you get to see the beautiful habitat of corals and colorful sea life underwater. The hubs dives and I see his videos and they make me want to try at least a tank test.

  2. You make me want to save all my money and travel the world.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. It seems like you had an exciting time in Seychelles.
    I'm not one to get sea sick but I can't sleep on flights or trains, only really short naps which can be a bit of a pain during the start of my travels.

    1. Hi Jo, not getting sea sick comes in handy, must be such a relief during rocky rides on the water. Long train rides can be really boring. I'm so glad for in-flight entertainment in the plane.


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