Picton Pass

My first taste of backpacking started in New Zealand. The husband and I explored the South Island and the North Island. My memories of this beautiful country led me to call it "Heaven on Earth."  

Our journey started in Christchurch. (I missed Queenstown though -but Yohann had great times there all the way  to Milford Sound). I'm quoting  a passage I've written at the back of a tourist brochure. Here goes:

Date:  28th March 2007, Wednesday (5th day) "From Picton to Wellington"

{Note: Arrange ferry ticket through backpackers the night before travelling.}

"We left at 9 A.M. aboard Kiwi Experience Bus with a stop over for one of the Best Pies I've ever tasted! The trip from Kaikoura to Picton was 3 hours. 

From Picton Port, we checked in our luggage for a ferry ride on the 
Interislander to go to the North Island. The 3-hour ferry trip was spent writing this travel journal, watching Oprah in the TV room, sketching, and checking out the view outside once in a while. We sailed along Cook Strait through Queen Charlotte Sounds. We arrived in Wellington Port around past 4 P.M."

What do you normally do during 1 hr to 3-hour  ferry trips?
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love ferry trips. I just realised I have always lived near the ocean or river since young and yet I don't know how to swim - strange. Normally I would daydream and look out at the scenery or read a book. Happy Mid-week to you too!

  2. NZ looks gorgeous! I have still never taken a ferry trip but I know it'll come up one of these days!

  3. Wonderful, really!
    I wish I could go and see New Zealand one day!