The Chocolate Hills

As I'm devouring a bar of Lindt dark chocolate, I was wondering what to write today and it struck me. Yes chocolate!

The Chocolate Hills, 1,260 mounds on the island of Bohol, Philippines.  They become brown during dry season.  A folklore tells of a giant who falls in love with a local girl and his tears transformed into limestone mounds. Do they remind you of Hershey Chocolate Kisses?  

Geologically speaking, it's still a mystery how these hills were formed.

In September 2011, I convinced my husband and father-in-law to explore this marvel.  Both of them, loved the place very much and Bohol has been one of my favorite destinations in my country. 

How to get there?
Take a plane to Tagbilaran City from Manila. The flight is approximately an hour ride. There are many cheap local airlines that travel there daily e.g. Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Zest Air to name a few. USD $ 110 round trip per adult. There are lots of promo fares from time to time.

If you want to hit two birds with one stone, you can fly to Cebu for an overnight stay and take a ferry to get to Bohol. Try SuperCat  Cebu-Tag trips approx. USD $ 13 each way.  Check out for promotional fares.

Where to stay?
I highly recommend staying in Panglao Island beach front resort hotels.  We stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort  for three days having a daily access to white sand beach and pristine waters. We stayed at the pool cottage right next to the swimming pool.  They also have a restaurant bar facing the shore.

Dumaluan Beach Resort (Clockwise L-R): Swimming, Beach front by sunset, Breakfast overlooking the beach
Transport in Bohol
We booked a day tour of Bohol which includes the Chocolate Hills aboard a van that was arranged by the hotel reception.  The mode of transport are tricycles / van and car rentals.  We rented motorcycles for a day to explore the island.

Now I'm getting back to my morning dose of chocolate and coffee.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Gorgeous place. If I do plan a visit to the Philippines, I'm going to use your blog as my guide.
    Are you now back in Dubai? Or still traveling?

    1. Hi Jo, Yes I'm now back in Dubai. Though I might be traveling again to Philippines in March -April 2013.

  2. yup definately gorgeous places.sure i am planning to pay a visit there this year and yes this blog will be very helpful if we do :)
    Promotional backpacks

    1. Thanks Jordan for stopping by. Have a great trip to PI.

  3. Morning dose of chocolate? Oh how I envy you! These chocolate hills are amazing – I am learning so much about the world here on your blog! I also feel like weeping over the site of that beautiful resort, I seriously need some sunshine and a pool!

    1. Thanks Meghan,let's enjoy a daily treat of chocolate :) I on the other hand am enjoying your scenic walk tour in London.

  4. What a unique place! Now I'm craving chocolate!

  5. They do look like chocolate kisses !
    Beautiful place.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

    1. Thanks Cindi, now if I can find Reese's pieces replica too. :)


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