An Evening in Blois

I'm going to devote this week to stories about France. The entire in-laws are coming over for a visit this week. While this weekend will be fully occupied by house chores, I'm also worried about getting lost in translation. The family barely speaks English. With some- completely zero. Partly I like that because it motivated me to learn french, but I hope I don't nosebleed. {Nosebleed is a joke, an expression we use at home to describe having difficulty expressing oneself in another language. Excessive thinking will cause the brain to hemorrhage thus leading to nosebleed}.  

During a trip to France two years ago, the husband and I went on a long road trip heading up north passing through French Brittany all the way to the tip of Belgium reaching the border of Netherlands and then down to Loire Valley. I was happy playing navigator with a good old map, as we avoided toll gates and highways wherever possible. We slowly drove  inside narrow roads discovering small villages on the way.  Sometimes, we'd stop at a small supermarket for a sandwich that we could eat outdoors or  if I'm lucky, I get to have a big meal in my favorite cafeteria - Flunch, found in big cities. We stayed in chambre d'hotes, bed and breakfast inns for the night and then we'd start driving again. 

On our way back, before heading home, Yohann made me choose between Disneyland and another destination, upon entering Marne-la-Vallée. I happily screamed "Loire Valley!" He was not too thrilled visiting castles the rest of our trip. I think he preferred the rides,but I have always been drawn by the architecture and history of this region.  So off we went.

After spending a day in Château du Chambord, we decided to stay for the night in Blois. It has been branded "Cultural Landscape" by UNESCO World Heritage. There's a lively atmosphere at sun down. The streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, and taverns. 

The most popular destination here is the Château Royal de Blois, a Renaissance castle that makes one stop walking to stare at its grandeur upon reaching the top of the urban hill. During summer, there's Son et Lumiere, where the story of Blois is told, using special sound effects and giant images of light on the grand architecture at the castle courtyard.

We continued our stroll from Victor Hugo Square (small garden park at the left of above photo) towards the side of the castle. We found more courtyards overlooking the majestic landscape around the river. 

 We ascended and descended many steps. We found ourselves in a quiet restaurant for dinner and continued walking afterwards admiring the city. It was breathtaking and one of those beautiful and romantic nights I 'll always remember. 

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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  1. I love the nosebleed term! It's kind of perfect! And any reflections on France are lovely in my book! Gorgeous pics. Have fun with the fam!!!

  2. Best of luck with the in-laws. I know it'll go well

  3. What a lovely beautiful place to visit. The language barrier might be a tricky thing, but I'm sure you'll manage without a "nosebleed"!

  4. As ever, stunning photos! And I am adding this to my list of things to see in our upcoming France trip. Good luck with the in-laws, I can imagine that it's going to be tiring for you with not being able to communicate but it is excellent motivation to learn French!

  5. I went to Disneyland and I think it's a bit overrated, unless you're a kid. So I think you made the right choice going to the Loire Valley. I'ver never been there but your photos look lovely!

    Have a great week with your in-laws, it is always nice to have someone visiting and showing them around :)

    xoxo Irene

  6. Your lovely photos brought back happy memories of our visit to the Loire Valley a few years ago. I loved seeing all those fairy tale castles. it's a stunning area of France.

  7. Such a lovely place! I like all the pictures. (And you nosebleed comment was pretty funny!)

  8. Blood looks like a wonderful place to visit charming like a fairy tale.
    I understand your feeling about learning French,I love learning new languages I learnt English and trying with German but I don't like the way French never tried.

  9. Blois I hate my dictionary.
    Have a great week Arny

  10. You make me miss France so much but I love your blog !

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  11. i LOVE this post. i loved paris when i visited, and i am happy to visit other parts of france through your beautiful pictures :)


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