A Childhood Memory: Through the Hole

{Day 18 challenge: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.}

At times, I felt my childhood was short, because there were so many events back then that took me years to accept and let go, except for this one.

"Through the Hole"

Source (Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that moment)

I remember I was bubbling with excitement at the backseat of the car. Sunny Sundays. My father occasionally took us to spend the day at Abuela's house, most weekends. My cousins' screams can be heard at the junction of Road 29,  in a residential community right next to a big golf course. My dad, mom, brother and I, pushed the green gate open to a small country-style bungalow with a small yard  at the front of the house. Abuela's aromatic cassoulet welcomed us at the door.

My cousins, Nikki, Makee, Patrick and Karla bounced with glee on the front yard which was bordered by my grandmother's orchids and hedges. They screamed their favorite super hero at the top of their lungs while running back and forth with boundless energy. 

Our parents gathered together at the adults' table while us, kids were forced to take an afternoon nap after lunch.  During one of those afternoon naps, my cousins and I failed to sleep and sneaked out of the house instead. Our parents were busy playing a game of Mahjong and didn't notice we were gone.

We ran to the end of Road 29 and crawled into a small hole on the hollow block wall of the golf course.  

The huge expanse of freshly cut grass made my jaw drop. I've never seen such an empty wide open space before.  My cousins felt the same thing.  The hole on the wall took us to this magical land, with holes on the ground that left us wondering what they were for.

We were silent for a moment, observing the green terrain and glancing at each other, waiting for each one's signal on what to do next.  As if on cue, a gigantic smile were plastered on our faces at the same time,  as we all ran towards different directions.

I ran as far and as fast as I could ever run.
I cartwheeled even though I didn't know how.
I shouted and danced and rolled on the grass.
I lay there. I watched the clouds gently moving against the blue sky.
This amazing feeling of liberation consumed me. 
My cousins joined me on the grass. In awe, we all wanted to lay there forever. 
That golf course was our paradise. 
It was my best childhood memory.

We never told our parents about that escape. I only told my Mom about it when I was already a grown-up. She freaked and said, they (the parents) would have never allowed it. Yes, we were crazy 4-7 year old kids.

My cousins still remember that day. We talked about it on separate occasions when we reunited as adults. The magic of this memory will always be cherished by us all.

What's your favorite childhood memory?
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Happy Saturday everyone!

Love & light,

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  1. I am happy to know such an experience. Happy childhood! :)

  2. Wow, what an experience! My dad used to read me books before going to bed. Like Anne of Green Gables and All Creatures Great and Small. And I loved sharing that time with him where we got emerse ourselves in another story together.

  3. that is such a sweet sweet memory~ i loved reading it! i love childhood memories.. it always bring a smile to my face. can't believe how little i was! :)

  4. How fun!! It's great that you and your cousin share such a special memory together. It's almost Alice in Wonderland except there are no weird creatures.

  5. That's such a sweet and mischievous escape for you kiddos - what a lovely memory (kind of like Totoro)