A Random Thing or It Has a Deeper Meaning?

Have you ever experienced a situation that has been frequently happening recently?

A friend of mine who works in the airline industry has been accidentally dropping drinks and things on the floor.  Luckily, the drinks have not yet reached the laps of a passenger. It turns out, she has made future plans that are going out of her control.

A new pair that I hope will keep me company for a longer time.

As for me, all of the sandals and flip flops, 3 in total,  that I have brought with me in the Philippines broke, all of which while in a public place in a span of a month. The last straw was a few days ago when the fourth flip flop that I owned gave up on me while I was in Dubai Mall.  

Is this a random occurrence? Or is it telling me something?

The logical side of my brain tells me, "Yes, it's time to go shopping."  Luckily, being in Dubai Mall, a quick trip to the nearest store got me a new pair. It also made me wish to be brave enough to walk barefoot in public, so I could walk all the way to my favorite shoe store.   

Before my trip to the Philippines, I have been dreaming of all types of snakes almost everyday for a month. It was only later when I figured out, it was a warning about con artists I had to face during my trip.

Is there anything that has been repeatedly happening to you lately?
Did you get to solve that mystery after all, what your subconscious is telling you? 
Or was it just a random thing?

Have a great week!
Love & light,

{P.S. I'm down with the flu that I have gotten during my flight. Chicken soup was such a comfort and catching up with Game of Thrones. The last episode gave my sore throat quite a shock.}

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  1. Yes, I knw what youre talking about. The same thng happens to me over and over. I think God is telling me something.

  2. Oh oh, I've read a lot of comments on that shocking ending of the third season of GoT but I still have to catch up and I won't watch the last three episodes until august, when I see my boyfriend again, so shhhh ;)

    These are a lot of coincidences. I have never experienced that in my life. But when I moved back to my parents after my exchange year and also after spending half a year with my boyfriend in Switzerland I never fully unpacked my stuff and my suitcase was laying on the floor of my bedroom for months. It took me a while to acknowledge that it had to mean sth, probably that I wasn't willing to stay there anymore.

    Have a lovely week, Arni!
    xoxo Irene

  3. It hasn't happened to me but how odd! I think I'd be wondering myself if it was just a coincidence or if I'm secretly being told something by a higher being! :)

  4. The second to last Game of Thrones this season was a can't-go-to-sleep shocker. I can't wait for next season.

    PS I'm listening to your recent playlist while I blog today. :)


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