A Year in the Merde

This is not a new book. There are already sequels to this one. I just found this while browsing books at the airport in Hong Kong, during a six-hour layover.

What is the book about?

A Year in the Merde is hilarious novel written by Stephen Clarke. It's about a year in the life of a 27 year-old British expat named Paul West in Paris. A self published, first person narrated account based on the author's adventures and experiences during his employment in the French capital.

His alter-ego, Paul, the protagonist moves to Paris to spearhead the opening of an English tea room chain in France. The novel explores his encounters with the ladies, the struggles of finding an apartment and administrative procedures while learning the skill of avoiding dog turd on the street. 

I highly recommend this, despite the mixed reactions in Goodreads. The book is filled with snarky comments that may put off some readers, but I was craving for a funny novel.. I just bought this yesterday and I'm almost finished with it.

It's a comedic tale of cultural differences that I promise will not disappoint. I don't mind reading it again and it is a wonderful companion while traveling alone and when in dire need of a humorous friend. 

The only drawback is, people  thought I'm a retard for laughing out loud at the boarding gate and inside the plane on my own.  

Happy Wednesday!
Love & light,

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  1. Hahahaha looks like an hilarious book, travel histories gave always a exhilarating materialfor a novel, we should also partnership and write one.
    I don't think you would look like a retarded just like a happy girl, I always do the same with some whatapp conversation while walking on the street.
    I am going to Thailand this summer and I was trying to do the stop over in Dubai to met you but at the end we will stop on Holland :(

    Kisses and have an amazing week.

    Ps Thanks for your comment it was really inspiring and as I was feeling a bit blue in the whole not reading situation with blogger you encouraged me to keep going and also made my day.

  2. Sounds like a funny book! I have a tendency to smile or laugh at random places in public, too. My daughter is always embarrassed by my outbursts. ;)