Dubai in a Nutshell

Travel posts are due. I'm pleased to share random photos of Dubai, a city I have come to love. I heard it's already above 40 degrees Celsius over there right now. Despite the dry heat that will welcome me as soon as the airport's automatic sliding doors open, I'm still looking forward to come home.

Spend mornings at Jumeirah Open Beach next to sail shaped seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab
A Lunch in one of the many restaurants in Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Atlantis Hotel at the Palm shaped island, Palm Jumeirah
To those who love sailing, watch the fascinating skyline of Dubai on a yacht.
A more economical version: Take the Abra Boat and sail on Dubai Creek
Deira landscape at Dubai Creek
Bur Dubai side skyline at Dubai Creek
Afternoon at Al Mamzar Beach Park. View at the parking lot.
Shopping at Dubai Mall
Waiting for the fountain to start. View  from Souk Al Bahar
California Pizza Kitchen Barbecue Salad craving
Burj Khalifa. Watch the mighty fountain come alive. 
Water dancing to the music in its full glory.
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 Have a great weekend everyone!
Love & light

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  1. I've always been fascinated by the wealth and outstanding architectural projects linked to Dubai ( and the UAE ) and you photos are amazing and beautiful! And it is always lovely to come back home and I really believe that home is where the heart is, so I can imagine how much you' looking forward to being back home :)

    Enjoy your time in the Philippines while you're still there and have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I wish I could jump into them and be there!

  3. I watched a really fascinating tv program on the development of Dubai which made me want to visit it as soon as possible - as usual, your photos have only just confirmed this. It's amazing that just 20 years ago, most of the buildings in your photos didn't exist yet!

  4. Dubai is such an intriguing city. I wish to visit one day.

  5. You will know from my blog that we also love Dubai and we are regular visitors. It was lovely to see our favourite places here - great photos. I always like to see the contrast between the old creek with the abras and the futuristic buildings which your captured here.

  6. This looks wonderful thank you so much for stopping by my blog with the guest post today! I am now following you on google as look forward to your posts Have a fabulous week!!


  7. Wow, Dubai sure has some beautiful views. Gorgeous.

  8. Fantastic shots you have taken. and placement of the picture in this blog is just amazing. Dubai is just a fun land.
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  9. looks like a lovely place - wonder if i will ever get to go there :)

  10. Nice thoughts you have expressed in this blog. Yacht Charter Dubai is the Must do activities in Dubai.

  11. Hi Arni, I did not see you for Desert Safari Dubai. It will be our pleasure to see you by the eye of camera in this great blog.

  12. hire a Yacht in Dubai is one of the best thing where you can enjoy..

  13. Amazing!! Love the way you started the post too.. but this really looks like a must go. How dreamy!

    Khalifa City Abu Dhabi

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