Happy Sunday

Gazing at the beauty of a flowering tree in our backyard
A short break from the Land Hunt Series. Hope you're all having a great weekend. Today, I'm taking a  pause. A moment of stillness. A sense of appreciation for nature outdoors from the confines of an air conditioned apartment. Thank goodness for windows. It's +40 Celsius outside and we're all braving the smoldering hot summer here in Dubai.

Have a quiet and reflective Sunday!
Love and light,

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  1. That's really hot! And summer hasn't even started officially yet!
    Stay in the shade and enjoy a lovely Sunday :)
    xo Irene

  2. What a gorgeous flowering tree. No wonder you are indoors. We need some of that heat over here!

  3. Happy Sunday to you too! I have also spending this Sunday in stillness with the company of myself. I went running, I pained and I cooked and found time to meditate.
    Unfortunately my town is not quite friends with summer yes, so that I spend most of the day indoors.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Stay in the shade and A/C. I am totally with you in keeping cool this summer

  5. Thank goodness for A/C, I say! Stay cool, Arni.

  6. sunday was definitely a day to just chill, relax and reflect. i've been reflecting a lot because i have been under tremendous stress with work. not the amount of work but just overall work direction. anyway -- hope you stay cool! & lovely pic!


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