Land Hunt Series: #1 Introduction

I promised earlier that I will share information and stories I may have picked up during our land hunt experience.

The husband and I have decided to postpone moving to the Philippines for good and be more prepared and cautious in setting up anything there. We have decided to stay in Dubai for a while, should fate allow it, in order to save  for whatever it is we're going to start.  

Extended town of Coron to the sea. View from Amphibiko Sky Restaurant on the first day

It seems that Coron, Palawan has a lot of guest houses for backpackers as well as resorts already. Our initial plan two years ago does not fit the island's rapid development anymore. I was completely surprised by the number of buildings that have been constructed in less than two years. The town has become more touristic and it is now headed towards urbanization, so we definitely have to come up with another plan.  

We managed to secure a small piece of land within an ideal commercial zone. If things change, we could always sell it. It's not a beach front property, nor does it have a view of the sea. However, it is on a hill with a good view of a mountainous landscape, great orientation, and most important thing in real estate as the VP in my previous company always say, "Location. Location. Location."

It's something that we hope can generate an income for our retirement. (Darn, my birthday's coming up soon so I'm getting closer to that deadline).

 It is now time for me to end my career break and get back to work.

To those who are interested in buying a property outside of the city, in the Philippines, you might like to stick around tomorrow for information. Though only residents/ citizens of the Philippines can buy property there, this didn't stop foreigners from investing by leasing.

Amphibiko Sky Restaurant (3rd Floor) View of Houses on stilts at a mangrove

I traveled with my Mom, who is a licensed real estate broker in Manila. Prior to our trip, we have made appointments with two brokers we have met online. We have received information on what was available and have done our research regarding market prices and possible interesting areas.  It's a big island. Our alternative was to investigate and visit sites ourselves and meet local people who could help.

Coron Town Proper.  I just wanna share this bar's funny name.

If you remember, I had a bit of falling out with my Mom. We've just reconciled a few months ago. Prior to this trip, imagine my anxiety in spending a full week together which ended up for two weeks straight in the same room for 24 hours. This was part of the thrill during this trip. The mother and daughter dynamics and how this experience brought us together. 

Love and Light,

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  1. this is so exciting to hear. can't wait to hear more and so glad you were able to reconcile with your mom and experience this together. best wishes to you and your husband~!

  2. I was so hoping you would find something you loved and that your dream could be possible but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so fate obviously has other plans for you. And how wonderful to hear that you have reconciled with your mom. I’d love to hear more about it if you are willing to share? Have a wonderful weekend Arni!