Land Hunt Series # 3: Heart to Heart

We spent the next 3-4 days visiting properties with  Lady Gugu. The property prices she showed us were reasonable. We also met with other brokers whose prices were hiked up. To make the long story short, we didn't meet the latter again. We visited an average of 6 sites per day with 8 as the maximum.  During these visits, we met lots of new people based on the island. 

A lot along National Highway with a title.

Thank goodness for Google Map Satellite, we saw areas that were mostly inaccessible by land. For example, there was a nice looking lot with an interesting location. Only to find out later when googling it, it was just in front of a dump site. 

Here's an example of one lot that has great potential. Unfortunately, the owner changed his or her mind and  prefers to sell the whole lot to one buyer and not in portions. Given the size, we couldn't afford the overall amount. 

A property we saw through a reliable and honest broker named Anastacia (not her real name) 

With Google Map Satellite, my husband who was overseas can visualize which lot I was referring to, along with my site photographs. This gives us an idea how far it is from town, the orientation and the neighboring facilities.

"Feel" the place
It's good to step foot on the lot apart from just watching it from a distance. Feel it. I know I'm weird. Sometimes, we just get a sense that this is it, apart from the good criteria we see and hear. If it's "the One," we'll feel it.

Evenings were occupied with discussions about the day's visits on Skype with Yohann,  Blog Everyday in May Challenge and lots of alone time with my mother.

Adventures with Mom

It was tiring visiting sites, but I enjoyed it. Hiking on hills, the scent of sunblock lotion and mosquito repellent, grateful for a hat providing shade, sunnies to protect the eyes and avoiding large ants the same length as my toes as we were slapped by tree branches while making noises so that no snake crosses our path.

Terrain we were walking into under humid and sticky 34 degree Celsius weather. Sometimes, there are more trees

My Mom is an indoor person so I can imagine this was a challenge for her. There were moments we got into each other's nerves.  She has certain habits that really annoy me and vice-versa. Years ago, I would have kept quiet. Out of respect, you see, but who am I kidding, the truth is, I have always avoided confrontation.

It didn't take long before I invited her into a coffee shop on the first day and asked if we could be honest and open with each other.  Yes, as you can imagine, we had an open forum. More like friends. Setting aside the hierarchy that was supposed to be there. The kind where we say to each other what we don't like and how that makes us feel.  The past and the present. A heart to heart talk. I'm grateful that she listened. 

With this talk, I learned a lot about myself too. How much I have changed. How she sees me before compared to how I am now. 

This heart to heart conversation cleared the air between us. It helped us a lot begin the journey not knowing how much we needed it in order to weather the storms we were to encounter together. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
Time for  Property Info:

What if I  buy a  Tax Dec property and it has not received alienable disposal yet, what needs to be done so I could use the land immediately?

A visit to the DENR (Deparment of Environment and Natural Resources) Office for the application is due. Check out their website to acquire full information and requirements.  Website:

I'm going to share with you, however the checklist I have requested for during my research for FLAGT/ FLAG/ Special Land Use Program and Other Forest Land Uses Requirements:

  1.  Letter of Intent 
  2. Duly Accomplished Application Form  (Application form comes from DENR)
  3. Inspection / Verification Report (by DENR)
  4. Sketch Plan of the Applied Area with not less than two (2) coordinates (by DENR)
  5. 100% Tree Inventory (by DENR)
  6. Barangay Resolution Endorsement
  7. ECAN (Environmentally Critical Areas Network) Board Resolution  (from the Municipality/ Mayor)
  8. Sangguniang Bayan Resolution
  9. Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution
  10. Indicative Site Development Plan / Comprehensive Development Management Plan
  11. Latest Zonal Valuation  (by Bureau of Internal Revenue)
  12. Birth Certificate of Applicant (Individual) / Certificate of SEC Registration (Corporation)
  13. Certification from the Barangay Captain that the Applicant is the actual claimant/ occupant
  14. Affidavit of two (2) dis-interested person (by a Lawyer)
  15. SEC Registration and by Laws (If Corporation)
  16. PCSD (Palawan Council for Sustainable Development) Clearance (#7 is required before this is granted)  Check
  17. NCIP Clearance  (National Commission for Indigenous People)
  18. Tourism Development Plan
  19. ECC - Environmental Compliance Certificate from Environmental Management Bureau of Manila
Eek ..It doesn't look like a walk in the park. Honestly, I got anxious reading the above list. These are the drawbacks when planning to proceed with a project for a non A& D (Alienable & Disposed) Tax Dec Property. 

The advantages of buying A & D Tax Dec Properties, they're cheaper and faster to transfer.  The whole process can be done in three working days once the lot has been surveyed.

Update: Aug 2016

It would be best if you do have a good lawyer who can assist you during the process.  Someone who can review the deed of sale and any other agreement before buying a property.  It would also help if you have a licensed real estate agent on your side. I did have a second consult with another lawyer apart from the one who executed the deed of sale before and after signing anything.  I was told that if you can avoid Tax Declaration, please do so and go for a TCT - Titled Land instead.  Tax declaration could be quite gullible to double sale since you're just buying the rights to the land by paying the taxes and improvements but not really owning it 100%. 

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Have a great week everyone!
Love and light,

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  1. It's really interesting when your relationship with your parents change as you grow older. I really do appreciate it that much more

  2. Yikes! That checklist would make me run a mile! You are so brave Arni! I am so glad to hear that you were able to clear the air with your mom. It's funny how we expect our parents to always feel like parents, but for some of us (particularly those who have had difficult relationships), it is possible to stand on even ground.

  3. I've just caught up with your series on land hunting in the Philippines and I can already feel that it was hard work!

    I think it's good that you're reconsidering your plans due to recent touristic developments in that particular island. It's better to be informed and do things sensibly than just pursuing a very difficult dream. Just take your time to figure out your next career move - I'm on the same boat right now :)

    So good that your relationship with your mother is improving! Sometimes some distance is necessary to see things from another perspective, it's also helped me to improve communication with my mother. Thanks for sharing your story.