Pull Over Please

As a sequel to yesterday's travel recap post of Cuzco, I'd like to share with you a playlist I'd love to listen to on a long relaxing drive. Along with it are photos taken somewhere between the Sacred Valley (Urubamba) and Ollantaytambo. I asked the cab driver, we hired as a tour guide, to stop the vehicle when I saw this view with the majestic Andes mountains at the backdrop. 

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Have you ever asked a cab driver to stop because something you saw captivated you?
If yes, where and when was it? What pulled you to stop?

Have a  beautiful Tuesday!
Love & light,

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  1. Absolutely stunning!!!! I would have pulled over too. Great music compilation.

  2. I would've stopped to enjoy the view there, too. I've never asked a cab driver to stop, but as a driver, I have often stopped at scenic lookout points to enjoy the view.

  3. it's absolutely breathtaking.. wow

  4. Stunning! And what an awesome playlist too! I definitely would have asked the driver to stop if I stumbled across that view. The only time I have ever asked a cab driver to stop was in NY because he was driving like a maniac and I just wanted to get out!

  5. Such beautiful photos, Arni! You're so lucky for having had all these many chances to travel to some wonderful destinations!
    And thanks for the playlist, two of the songs are already on my iPod - Let her go and Give me love, love those songs right now :)

    Have a lovely day x

  6. Arni, I need to sit down with your playlist and a cup of coffee. Love your taste in music.

  7. How pleasing is the sight of the cows with the Andes as a backdrop. I totally would stop driving and snap a few photos too.

  8. No wonder you asked him to pull over - that's an amazing view.