The Carabao

During our exploration of San Vicente on a motorbike, we passed through rough roads, forest lands and rice fields. It was  hot. Despite the conservative nature of the country folks, I was cruising around just wearing my bikini top and shorts. I suppose comfort matters more than what people think. (However, once we were in the town's plaza, I put my t-shirt back on.)

We found this lovely creature in a small clearing. The Carabao is a domestic water buffalo and the national animal of the Philippines. A very hardworking fellow in the field who is often referred to as a farmer's best friend.  

It always puzzles me to witness the mysterious friendship between the heron and the carabao. We noticed how inseparable they were. We raised this question a few times to people we met. Apparently, they mutually benefit a lot from this companionship. The proximity of the heron to a large animal like the carabao gives him protection. In return, he offers relief and comfort to the latter by feeding on the ticks and other insects. 

You might notice that I have intruded his personal space somehow and he curiously eyed me a few times. Watching this tranquil fella thoroughly at peace in his environment, I enjoyed taking pictures

Then we rode off to get to San Vicente's Long Beach.  To be continued..

 Have a lovely day!
Love and Light,

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  1. i love the first photo. :) and i love this.. "farmer's best friend" <3

  2. What a way to see the countryside! I could picture it in my head even before you posted pictures! Can't wait to hear more...

  3. Yes, he looks like a splendid fellow ! Look forward to hearing more

  4. Very good photos! The Carabao seems to be posing for your camera :)
    I'm curious about how the story follows ...

    Have a lovely day, you too!

  5. Amazing Pics Arni, so true that it's looking at you in a really pacific way...Never heard about this animal before.
    Have a great week sweety.

  6. what a lovely pic!And the lovely buffalo is even posing for the photo :)

  7. I don't think that I could be as brave as you to get that close to such a huge animal! Love the pictures though!


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