Travel Recap: Streets of Cuzco

I'm currently reminiscing a trip to Cuzco, Peru in 2008 while I'm  down with a flu. Here's a silent blog post..

The last picture was where we stayed.  A trip to the local market gives a glimpse into the city's staple food and culture. These photos were taken from 7AM onwards on a week day.


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  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Here's something that might make you feel better: You're the winner of Jenny's book on the giveaway! If you can send me an email address, I'll pass it on to Jenny and she can get you your book. Hope you enjoy it (and I hope you feel better soon)!

    My email address is:

  2. Amazing pictures Arni, I wish I could visit Cuzco somedays.
    I was reading your previous entry, well the snake dreams are a bit scary but it will pass away soon, don't worry, you just need to get better quality flip flops :D
    Kisses and have a great day.


  3. Wow, beautiful buildings and streets. I want to hop into that market and grab some food!

  4. i love the architecture! and the sleeping dog on the grass :)

  5. Another amazing place to add to my travel list! I loved that picture of the dog passed out on the grass! Hope you feel better soon - I had a cold last week which got worse just in time for the weekend so you have my sympathy! Lots of hot lemon and trashy tv did the trick for me!

  6. Love these photos, Arni. The blue doors are especially enchanting. I like visiting local markets while travelling too, I think they give great insight into the culture of the place.

  7. This place looks gorgeous !
    You have an amazing life.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  8. I've been nursing a bad cold too. Frowny face.

    Amazing pics.

  9. What an opportunity to visit such a fscinating place. Your photos of the pretty architecture are lovely - no words needed! I love to see markets when I'm travelling too. I hope you are soon feeling much better.


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