A Letter from the Past

Remember that film L'Age de Raison where the little girl writes to her future self?   Think about receiving a letter from yourself 2 years down the line.  I bet it would be a great way to see whether we have achieved our goals we have set for ourselves. Perhaps those goals may have changed as well at that time to something beyond our expectations.  

How many of you have done it?  I just did. My last year self did. I have already forgotten about it so imagine my surprise a few days ago when I received an email. I read it and smiled all the way through. I realized that my concerns a year ago seems slightly trivial now. There were big questions that I have come to understand and accept that if they don't happen, they are not meant to be and I just have to move forward. 

Through uncertainties of the present, we have learned from our past that those seemingly embarrassing and humiliating moments will transform into stories of laughter in the future. Those difficult obstacles will become sources of strength.  Those forgotten dreams in our bucket list may be a part of our everyday already.      

A journal reminding ourselves how we were, how much we have changed, and how life evolves. A discovery of our real selves.  Plus, it's a lot of fun, don't you think? 

So how do we start this without time traveling?  

There is  Futureme.org A site that made it possible for me.  
What should I write? After registering, here are some helpful hints:
  1. Describe your present life and how you feel.
  2. Your hopes and dreams for the near future.
  3. Anything you're grateful for.
  4. An important life event and life lesson.
  5. How you see yourself in the future, physically, emotionally, health-wise, career-wise and etc.
Remember, it's a letter to your future You so write anything you feel like writing.  I am going to send another one. Enjoy :)

Wishing you a reflective weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. That sounds like a very interesting thing to do, i might give it a try :) and this might be the perfect moment to do so as I'm just adjusting to a new life in a different country and I'm a bit lost right now.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Arni!
    xoxo Irene

  2. I haven't watch the movie but I wrote a letter to myself some ages ago and as you said is great to know how we evolve through the years.
    I will do it again.
    Have a great week Arni.

  3. What a coincidence - I was just reading something about this just a couple of days ago. It would be even more interesting to receive an email five or ten years in the future!

  4. how interesting! you know, at work last year we had this meeting with a facilitator to bring the leadership of our organization to gel better together and to do a whole visioning session. at the end of the session the facilitator told us to write a post card to ourselves.. to give a tip or advice that we learned from the session and that she would send it to the mailing list written on the postcard 1 year from that day. i thought it was a great idea.. although i never received mine since i moved and the post office company never forwarded it. but my colleagues received them and it was a nice reminder to receive a note from themselves.

  5. yep, we hate the obstacles but they indeed are our sources of strenght

  6. I’m going through some very big changes in my life as we speak so I can’t wait to try this. The thing that has been getting me through the days is that I keep thinking that in about a years time, I will hopefully be happy and settled (if not, I will at least have a better perspective having gone through this big change). Thanks for the link to this site Arni, I can’t wait to write myself a letter!

  7. Now that I've been blogging for 4 years, all my old posts seem like letter from my past self. In a way, I think blogging is like leaving a message in a bottle.


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