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You might notice that a lot of travel recaps invade my recent posts. I think I'll be spending half of 2013 on staycations. My days and most evenings are spent at my work desk. I am surprised that I have no complaints. I stay late, because I often forget about the time at work. The difference between then and now is, even though tasks can be more challenging, everything feels right. On my way to work most mornings, despite being aware of a busy day ahead, I feel a wave of contentment. Today is another day of learning, not only about the things I do, but about myself. How I respond to the given situation of the day and how I can further improve. Gone are the days when I had to cry before leaving the front door of our apartment during week days. I suppose this is how contentment feels like, it feels good and so does its sibling named happiness.

Taken at Jack Kerouac Street in San Francisco
When someone asks me the question, are you happy? I am now confidently glad to answer, "Yes I am."  It's my turn to pass this question to you, the same way someone did to me some time ago.

Are you happy today?

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
Love & Light,

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  1. Enjoying your work makes such a difference - not only being contented but learning something new every day too. It sounds like you have found the right job! Have a great weekend.

  2. I am so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your new job (I did wonder how you were getting on). Being busy is not necessarily a bad thing – especially if you love what you are doing and it finally feels right. I must admit that I haven’t given my happiness much thought but if I really analyse it, I suppose I am happy. I’m nervous and worried too, but overall I’m feeling happy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! x

  3. it is beautiful to hear that you are happy, Arni! There isn't much happiness on this world especially in these harsh modern times, so when you manage to catch some happiness to have to cherish it and savour it!

  4. Congratulations on finding a job that makes you happy! Very few people I know are happy with and in their job. You are blessed to be one of them.

    I've been miserable for how many years...just because of one person. Now she's not there anymore and things seem to be turning out differently for me this year. I can't say I'm already happy and contented but I think I am getting there.

  5. That's so great what you feel about work. I used to be in a job where despite the challenges, long hours and tough work, I loved it. But somehow it changed. Things happened, people changed and I ended up being miserable. I ended up quitting (I quit at the end of July) and now I've been just resting and reflecting. And just personally in life, there have been challenging things.. but overall. Yes, I'm happy. And I think when things are tough, I take advantage of the happy things in life and let the bad thoughts consume me. But my husband and Piri :) are always where reminding me that what I have right now.. what matters the most I have. Have a great weekend, Arni!!

  6. Yes, I am ! I so understand you, Arni! I am in almost the same situation, have started a new job, and went over the first few months, and everything is kind of settled. I can confidently dsay that I love my job, that it does not feel like work and that i just love what I do. I am so happy for you that you feel the same!! Isn't it something we should all go for ? A career that is more than that, that is life, which makes one happy. If someone asks what brought you there, I alsways say, my good gut feeling, intuition.


  7. I'm glad you're happy. Your post brought a smile to my face.

  8. So glad to read hat you've been lucky enough to find a job that makes you content and even happy.
    I've just started my job hunt and I don't think it'll be easy and I'm afraid I won't find a fulfilling job. But any other than that I can say as well that I'm very happy with my life. Cheers to a happy life :)
    xoxo Irene


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