On a Personal Note: One Free Day

I'm a Couch Potato Today
Hello everyone!  I will not let this day go by without blogging. I took a day off from the office after consecutive nights of overtime work to meet a project deadline. There's always a huge relief after meeting goals with a timely submission. To pat myself behind the back, I'm indulging in a day of doing nothing. (Oh, not exactly nothing because household chores have piled up and I'm catching up to make this longer weekend much more relaxing).  

A Walk Around the Neighborhood
I do miss the career-break days when I can wake up anytime and do as I please. On the other hand, working makes me appreciate these free days even more, like taking a walk under the sun on the way to the neighborhood supermarket and watching old films on TV.  Can you believe Independence Day was shown 17 years ago? Bill Pullman's presidential speech just got me glued on the sofa while devouring spaghetti with creamy tomato sauce.  Not to mention that final scene with Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith trying to infiltrate the alien's mother ship to disarm the enemy's protective shield.  I was a mere teenager when this film was shown. How time flies!

Catching up with a book that my sister-in-law gave me. It's a page turner. I have yet to finish it.
Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!
What do you fancy doing during your free days?

Love & Light,

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  1. enjoy your free day! always feels good after hard work! free days always used to stump me. i would want to just do absolutely nothing, but then realize that it would feel so wasted... but overdoing things made me feel even more tired! and those long overdue house chores! but i've learned to not overdo and balance out the relax time and taking care of other duties!

  2. What a lovely room that is in the first picture. Quite similar to mine :) I think we have similar styles :)

  3. Enjoy your free day! What do I do on free days? Um, work! I have a hard time relaxing. There's always so much to do! I guess what I'd like to do is go for a hike or curl up with a good book. But that seldom happens! I'm so happy to read a post from you! Hopefully you'll have time to do more.

  4. Enjoy your free day and long weekend, Arni! I'm getting a bit restless about being jobless (almost two months now and time keeps on flying) but at the same time, I'm already dreading not having that much free time once I start working again. So, I'll just try to make the most of it while it lasts.
    Time does really fly, I think I was 11 or so when I watched Independence Day in the cinemas and I loved it hehehe now I find it more cheesy than good but I still watch it every time it airs on tv :)
    Have a fabulous weekend, Arni!
    xoxo Irene

  5. Days where you can do absolutely nothing are the best. I always try to plan one in here and there, haha, I love my bed, and my bed loves me!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea


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