The Valley of Urubamba

Nostalgic. That's the perfect word that sums up how my husband and I feel while browsing through pictures of Peru this afternoon. We could hardly believe that was 5 years ago. Our first 'real' nights on the freezing bus- in the middle of nowhere backpacking trip.  Those times when you want to get out of the bus for a p** at 3AM and you know the bus driver couldn't because it's in the middle of a deserted land with no rock nor bush to hide behind from. And the only decision you have to make is, if you can hold it in till morning or just do it.  An empty bottle with all the passengers sleeping.  You might be asking me now, is this experience for real? I'll leave it to your imagination what happened after that. :)

Urubamba River borders the town and the often snow-capped mountains of Chi'qun
Here, we hired a cab from Cuzco  to Ollantaytambo for the Peru Rail with stops in Moray, Chinchero and other sights to see on the way. We parked at the side of the road to admire the view of Urubamba valley. We had lunch in this quaint town before continuing our journey.  Great thing about cabs and daytime travel, we can easily request for toilet breaks whenever we need it. 

The road we took to get to Urubamba
Aerial view of the town plaza where we had a short lunch break
I found this pretty little girl at the look out point
A sumptuous lunch in Urubamba with our kind driver and my father-in-law
We found an ostrich at the plaza

Have a great weekend!
Love & Light,

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  1. such gorgeous pictures, Arni! Peru is a lovely land. How do you end up on all these exotic locations, dear?

    1. Low budget backpacking- my husband and I seized the opportunity to travel to far off locations during our annual vacations, visiting at least one new country per year instead of going home. We started these trips more than eight years ago.

  2. I can totally relate, every now and then Jordan and I go through some travel photos and it totally sucks us in. We get out a couple of beers and spend a good few hours reminiscing about that particular holiday. I shuddered at your bathroom story, I am the kind of person that panics if I can't find a toilet so I don't even want to know what happened! Lovely pictures as ever. South America is on my bucket list but a little too far away now :(

  3. i think i would totally hold it in! :) and how neat is that ostrich just hanging out at the plaza. so cute. this place looks amazing~~ the view overlooking the town is stunning!

  4. You and your hubs are two adventurous souls. I enjoy following your journeys through these posts.