Travel Itch

Missing the greens

I'm posting these photos for two reasons: 1) I miss the canvas and easel.  2) I have 12 weeks and 6 days before traveling again. Having booked December tickets, I'm excited to celebrate Christmas with family in France. Countdown begins. 

What do you do when wanderlust strikes and the 9-6 real life binds you from running out the door en route to the airport?  Years ago, especially last year, I would have immediately heeded to that call, especially when cheap air fare prices from Cebu Pacific keep flashing on my news feed.  Nowadays, I'm torn.  I do enjoy work and partly choose to stay. Yet, my itchy feet are green with envy for my husband who's traveling on his own for a month and half in November.  In Dubai, we have this expression,  "What to do, yaani?  Yes, life happens and I need to stay put in one place sometimes.

A promise to self: To set aside some time over the weekend to reconnect with my other neglected passion.

Experiencing travel itch lately?  What's your recommended cure?
 Have a relaxing weekend everyone!
Love and light,

P.S.  Outdoor painting in  Marais Poitevin, France

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  1. Ohh, yes, I know travel itches too well. and I also have no time to surrender... What I do in the meantime is enjoy life to the fullest where I am - experience things where I am, go to nice restaurants, have a good time with fab people and live the moment.


  2. I know exactly how you feel, Arni! Sometimes it's hard to just carry on with life as normal when there are so many great experiences out there to enjoy and places waiting to be discovered. I wish I could keep up with traveling as much as I'd like to but I think it's about time to settle down and get things done. And in the meantime I'll keep on planning weekend trips to nearby places to cure my wanderlust.

    How exciting that you will be spending Christmas in France, having a big trip to look forward to is another good cure for bad cases of wanderlust :) and I'm sure that time will fly by while preparing for your French holidays and enjoying your job!

    Have a great Sunday, Arni!
    xoxo Irene

  3. my husband just got his passport and we've been searching for a quick get away. but since i am not working now and taking a break, our income as also decreased, so we've been just pondering.. what to do.. what to do.. and in the meantime, as we ponder we feel like we are missing out on opportunities and experiences. and i know that if i start working again, i will be too busy and tired to go traveling because sometimes i take work too seriously. i wonder if i can ever have it all :) happy countdown to your next travel!!

  4. I know the travel bug well! Unfortunately, I seldom get to go anywhere these days because of work, kids, and finances.

  5. I'm definitely experiencing the travel itch! But with new bub I know it'll be a while before that happens. I'll travel vicariously through you instead!

  6. Circumstances have us grounded for a little while. My cure: taking weekend trips to places we can drive to. It's travel on a small scale, but it keeps us from feeling too stagnant.