10 Things to Do in SF: #2 Watch Tai-Chi

After a sumptuous meal at Mama's on Washington Square, check out folks performing Tai Chi in the morning at Washington Square Park across the street.. If you're brave enough, join in. :)  You'll also find elderly Tai chi'ers training young martial artists at the Taichi Park in San Francisco Chinatown and SF Golden Gate Park.

The slow synchronized movements are energy lifting.

Enjoy a stroll at the weekend market before heading off to Telegraph Hill
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Check out # 3 tomorrow. :)
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  1. i've seen people performing tai chi in new york. their moves are so graceful and they look so peaceful while doing it! never had the guts to join them though. maybe being in san francisco will be different :)

    1. and you have to share more of the story living in a haunted house as a teen!

    2. Great idea. I'll share a few scary stories this halloween.

  2. I would've enjoyed checking out the art at the market.

  3. sounds relaxing, not that I would ever exercise in public LOL

  4. I love to watch tai chi - fascinating. I first saw this in the park in Hong Kong.


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