Flunch is a large casual restaurant chain in France
During a trip somewhere, we usually have a list of things we want to do.  I only had one apart from resting and enjoying the holidays with family.  

One of my wishes was to be able to eat in Flunch

I discovered Flunch during road trips in France years ago. It's a casual self service dining place with a cafeteria concept.  Grab your tray. Grab the food you like and pay.  It's inexpensive and great for lunch breaks during long drives on the road.
They have this tagline:  "Fluncher. C'est mieux que manger."  It means: 
Fluncher -An invented verb from Flunch which doesn't really exist.  
It's better than eating.

Aperitif anyone?  Pastis by Ricard - Probably the national aperitif drink in France in star anise flavor
Salad Bar A: Which one do you prefer?
Salad Bar B
Fill your glass
Ah the cheese section! Yay, pasteurized brie!
A French meal is never complete without a dessert. :)
Galette des Rois! Epiphany Cake. It literally means kings' cake

The restaurants are scattered throughout France. Click here for the map to see the closest one to you while traveling.

The food is good, way better than their competitors.  Though another rival but a much smaller chain found only in the Vendee region and Bordeaux, La Toquenelle is almost if not equally good.

 Bon Appetit!
Love & light,

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  1. I actually like this kind of eateries, though a real treat from time to time is always nice. Most supermarkets and department stores in Switzerland have their own restaurants and they are the same concept as this Flunch. While my parents were here we ate there once or twice because it was the most affordable option and quality is good. And they like it!
    I'll write this name down in case I ever go road tripping in France :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hi Irene, yes that's so true. They're always next to supermarkets and department stores. Though I learned that they have specific timings for lunch and dinner, as most French restaurants strictly follow.

  2. oooh, love the salad and the dessert bar judging from the pics!

  3. Happy New Year to you! I loved this post as it immediately brought back many happy memories of family holidays driving around France. Flunch could always be relied on for a tasty snack or quick lunch. Good quality and great value too.

  4. All that food looks delicious! I'd have a hard time deciding which dessert to pick!


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