Random Things About Me Over a Cup of Coffee

Let's pretend for a second that we are in a nice terrace overlooking the garden enjoying a cup of coffee (while the baby is sleeping) to catch up.  Miss B of Bobochic nominated me a few days ago to share a few random things about me. Check out hers here.  I can't wait to find out about yours too.

  1. A Leftie. I'm left-handed and I can write with my right hand too. I can also write upside down.  It was a clever trick to amuse clients during meetings. :)
  2. It’s difficult to get my 100% attention in a conversation. I have a very short attention span.
  3. I have mastered the art of pretending to listen but don’t be fooled.  :) I was eventually sent to attend a seminar called, "The Art of Listening." --which was really helpful by the way.
  4. Absent-minded and often daydreaming, always ask me three times when I say ‘yes’ to your question, if I really meant it, especially when I’m doing something. 
  5. I won an award- Most Talkative Person in kindergarten class for not listening to the teacher and going from one table to another, which was weird because I'm really quite reserved.
  6. I got in trouble and was sent to the principal's office when I was a kid for using the boys bathroom all the time. I always wondered why the boys screamed whenever I entered. 
  7. I like the adrenalin rush of presenting on stage in front of a big audience and talk. It scares me, but I always get such a rush afterwards.
  8. Yet, it’s so funny how I feel anxious socializing or networking in a cocktail party with people I don’t know.
  9. I'm a licensed architect, but didn't really practice it until I got into Interior Design.  I'm so glad I took Architecture. It's a great foundation for what I am doing now.
  10. I avoid any sport activities that involve BALLS..or any sport where balls bounce back (that includes shuttlecocks too). Balls hate me, they always land on my face.  
  11. I can sleep anywhere immediately, even inside the plane or a moving bus. I can fall sleep sitting down and in less than a minute.
  12. Almost stage actress. When I was 22, I auditioned in a professional theatre while I was looking for a job, and won the lead role to perform as an adulterous woman doomed to be murdered by her famous artist husband. I turned it down because I had to appear half naked on stage in a steamy bed scene with lots of torrid kissing. Eeew..
  13. My first big theatre performance on stage  was when I was 13, as a seductive dancer performing flamenco in a high school musical play called, "In Gay Havana" by Baker.
  14. A frustrated dancer. I've always wanted to pursue dancing and was invited to join a professional dance group performing on TV after that play, but I was not allowed by my parents for fear of affecting my studies. 
  15. I was a strict lacto-vegetarian and at some point pure vegan for 7 years
  16. After 7 years,  I decided to buy one Big Burger King  Whopper one day and started eating meat again.
  17. One of my greatest accomplishments today was learning to install the baby car seat for my first day out with my little one at the mall alone. She's a mall rat in the making. She was incredibly well behaved and seemed to have enjoyed shopping a lot.  

I could go on and on. That's it for now. 

Now it's my turn to nominate the following bloggers:
Please feel free to participate. I'd be very happy to read about your random things.

Have a great week!
Love & light,

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  1. That was so interesting to read! Some thing I already knew, like the vegan phase but some other I didn't, like the brief acting career! Wow, congrats on getting a professional role but I would've turned it down as well :)

    Thank you for your encouraging words on your last comment :) and for the nomination as well ... I will try and think about some interesting things to share!

  2. Good timing because I was actually wondering a while ago what I should post next hahaha... It's nice to know more things about you. I like the part where you like using the boy's bathroom, I can just imagine the reaction of those kids hahaha... So you loved acting! I did too, but not professionally, just in school.

    Thanks for the tag :)

  3. ah! i loved reading about these facts about you! :) #10 got me laughing because i'm the same way! basketballs, volleyballs, softballs, kickballs, tennis balls... they all had a way of smacking me right in the face...!

  4. I always love learning more about the person behind blogs I read! And I had no idea that you were a vegan. That's really impressive!

  5. Oh this is so cool (about your almost-stage career). I really enjoy these questionnaires as well and learning more about my blogging friends

  6. I love this, I definitely want to do it too- I just need to think of some good things, thanks for including me!! It makes me feel special. :) So many of these rang true for me like #7. I wish I could do #11, I am jealous! #17 is so cute, I love that she loves the mall already. <3 <3 <3

  7. I'm so pleased that you decided to join in the fun and write the random facts post and I know how busy you must be at the moment yet you found time to produce a great post with so many facts! I have often wished that I could also write with my right hand too! Interesting to see that you were also keen on dancing.

  8. I love that after seven years, your first bite of meat was a whopper :)


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