10 Things to Do When You're Not Island Hopping in Coron

A collection of 10 of My Favorite Things to Do in Coron, Palawan on those chillax days when you're not island hopping. 

9.  Visit the local market and shop for seafood that you can grill for an al fresco dinner at Maquinit Hot Spring.

10. Climb the steps of Mt. Tapyas for an amazing view.

You can also try visiting the 3,700-hectare Calauit game preserve and wildlife sanctuary off the coast on the northern western tip of Busuanga Island.  A small taste of African safari within reach around 3-4 hours by boat from Coron town.

Of course, the highlight of the trip there are the popular island hopping tours.

Happy holidays everyone!
Love & light,

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  1. Cool. I'll keep this in mind if ever my family will get the chance to go to Palawan.

  2. the nature there looks so beautiful! The last photo is mesmerizing

  3. Wow! Those all seem like awesome things to do!

  4. that's an incredible sunset!


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