It is About Time.

I'm supposed to prepare my interior design portfolio to bid for a project in the hopes that I can work on it on a freelance basis, even if I'm overseas. Yet, here I am, procrastinating while my daughter is sleeping and writing a blog post instead.

Ups and downs, mostly challenges have been preoccupying us the past few weeks. Yesterday, our small car, the one that we have been using has met an accident. Thankfully, my husband was not hurt. The damage to the car is more than its value.  Funny how he's blamed for something he didn't do. Thankfully, the guy who reversed without looking at his mirror, admitted it was his fault and volunteered to take the blame. 

With all of these events, it's pretty clear, our time here has come to an end. My heart calls me to move. Much to the thrill of my husband who was dreading to come back here from our vacation in the Philippines last September. It has now become a unanimous decision, since I was the culprit for delaying our plans to leave. Let's face it, Dubai has become my home and I love it here. Honestly, I still do.

My logical mind dictates that my ambition will thrive here far better than anywhere else. Yet, my logical mind cannot see the future. My instinct tells me it's time to move, firmly backed up by circumstances. That small voice against reason is starting to become louder every day. 

Ironically, job offers started pouring crazily when we have made this decision. I prayed and deep down I knew, this is it. I declined each of them. It was hard because I would have jumped on these opportunities. The hardest was turning down a job offer from a design firm I knew I would have enjoyed working with. I was supposed to start working with them the week after my husband was separated from us.  They kept the job for me until I had to tell them last Thursday that we are leaving, for good. 

Yes, things are about to change around here. We will be selling most of our stuff and will be shipping those that mean something to us in a container. 12 years in Dubai squeezed in a container and stored while waiting for our future home to be built. 

When we announced it to to friends and acquaintances, we have met questions like, "What are you going to do?". "Where are you going to work?"  " How will you survive?"  They are surprised by the fact that we are not moving to another city to find another job, that we will be relocating to a small town on a tropical island in the Philippines.   I usually answer , " We'll grow our own crops and plant kamote {sweet potatoes}. Take advantage of tourism there."  Our closest friends are positive while acquaintances usually grow quiet after that. Honestly, we're still figuring that part out.  

I am excited  that a lot more will be happening especially during the beginning of 2015 as you become a part of packing our lives here and journeying into unknown territories. :)

Wishing you  stress free weeks of celebrating those  early office Christmas parties, lots of gift shopping and holiday dinners piling up on your calendars.  

Love & light,

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  1. hope you choose a safe part of the Philippines.... I shake every time I hear about all those storms and disasters there... I probably wouldn't stay in Dubai forever either... it doesn't seem like a perfectly safe place if you weren't born into their culture

  2. Hi Dezzy, I guess typhoon-wise, there's no safe part in the Philippines, but we choose to live in the countryside where crime rate is low. Our best option is to live in a higher place away from the sea with really good structural framing for the house?

  3. so many changes but change is good. wishing you all the best arni!

  4. I’m way behind on my blog reading (and my posts!) after a long weekend away and all the Christmas preparations! I can see that there are going to be many changes for you in 2015 and I wish you good luck and much happiness. It has obviously been difficult making the decision to leave Dubai but I'm sure it will be exciting when you eventually move into your new home.

  5. I think you have to follow your intuition. Yes, it will be a huge change, and a new life for you and your family, but if your gut feeling is that you should do it, then that's what you have to do. Good luck!

  6. Big decision but I'm sure your instincts are right. Best wishes for the move and wishing you a Happy and safe Holiday season!

  7. I am excited for you guys. It sounds like you are absolutely doing what is right for you! <3

  8. Can't wait to hear more about your moving adventures and the next chapter of your lives