An Expat's Multi-Storey Home

I am extremely excited to share this beautiful home here. Owned by a dear friend, Monique whom you might have met and read here.  She's an expat who has been living in Dubai for more than ten years, working as a Design Manager for a prestigious mall in this energetic city. I am truly inspired by what she has accomplished as she completed one of her goals, construction of her family home in the Philippines.

This 4-Bedroom multi-storey residence was designed by Paul Santos, an American-based Interior Architect.  Monique, despite being an Interior Designer herself, gave full reign over to Paul. This allowed him to be in full control of both exterior and interior design of this project from site development until the final selection of artwork and accessories.

All furniture and lighting were manufactured in the Philippines. The only thing that came from Dubai were the Living Area carpet from Al Aqili and the gorgeous pendants at the Lanai.

I personally like the elegantly designed spaces and all of the elements in this stunning home. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. that is not a home but an imperial palace!

  2. It's such an amazing place, the style of the house kind of remembers me to Frank Lloyd, I bet your friend is more than happy to live in such a magnificient place.

  3. Oh it's beautiful, just beautiful. I love the different layers and surfaces.