Our Last Weekend in Dubai

As I walk along familiar streets that have transformed in 12 years, the once busy Sheikh Zayed Road that is even much busier now and more filled with skyscrapers, Deira,  Jumeirah and the beach, I felt nostalgic and slightly emotional. I could hardly believe that this was my last weekend in Dubai, in the city that I have called home for a significant period of time.

Remember when I mentioned last year how sad it felt watching friends turned families go and being left behind? I daresay it also feels as much being on the other side. Here are snapshots of how our last weekend was like.

Emirates Towers which holds a lot of memories for us
Hummos with Shawarma Chicken
Garlic Chicken Wrap
Zaroob- Best Arabic Restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road
Enjoying the yummy food in Zaroob
You'll have to try the Metro.  I started my life here with no trains, just buses and taxis
Burj Al Arab
Deira , The area where I first lived in Dubai, our old flat was very close to this street
Mina Seyahi Yacht Marina
On the way to the boat restaurant in Mina Seyahi
Dubai Marina Skyline with the Twisted Torso of Santiago Calatrava- Cayan Tower
Aprons and Hammers Boat Restaurant

All set for crabs and lobsters
Aprons and Hammers Seafood Boat Restaurant
Love this chandelier
Barasti Party Club Scene is always a part of every expat's experience
I'm off to the airport now. 
Love & light,

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  1. beautiful photos, beautiful buildings and you are such a lovely family!

  2. I think I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I left our house in Manila, even those companies where I resigned. I only wish nothing but the best for you and your family Arni. I know this is just the beginning of your wonderful adventures together.

  3. These are some beautiful pictures of Dubai - I can't believe you're going somewhere more gorgeous than this...

  4. Must be hard leaving a place like this where you've made real connections and formed relationships. I wish you all the best Arni. To new adventures!

  5. Now this is Informative writting about Dubai, Keep up the good work.

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