What We Did Last Weekend

You might have already seen this Friday's posts on Instagram. Oh, to those who hasn't, please feel free to click on the icon above this page. I have noticed that despite not having internet connection anymore unless I'm at my friend's apartment, reminds me to disconnect a bit and enjoy the moment, especially when we have limited time left in the beautiful city of Dubai.

We woke up at 6:30 AM and drove down to Al Ain Road.   Balloon Flights flew overhead as Skydive Dubai greeted us. We went there to watch  paramotorists grace the sky.  6AM to 8AM is the schedule of paramotor training.  Students practiced their take off and landing. At exactly 8AM the plane lands to pick up Skydiving students and their instructors.  By then,  the paramotorists are ready to pack up and leave the grass area to allow skydivers to practice their landing. 

She enjoyed crawling on the grass
Inflight Dubai, largest skydive simulator in the world
I learned that Tandem Skydives of Skydive Dubai are done in another location closer to Palm Jumeirah. We definitely enjoyed the atmosphere here and it's a safe place to fly and learn skydiving. There were professional skydive teams training here too and there are chalets that are both existing and under construction.

On a personal note: We finally let go of the last thing to sell yesterday, our vehicle. Sold! A lot of friends helped sharing the post on their facebook pages as it took us some time to sell it. We got it sold thru Dubizzle, a popular online classified ads in Dubai. For selling cars, a fee of AED 200 is required, but they're the best, so far,in selling vehicles.

Another great place to sell cars is Facebook both Personal and Community (Membership Only) pages.  That was where we sold our first vehicle.  A tip I'd share for expats planning to move out of the country is, if you can avoid it, please stay away from some online car traders.  Some of them tend to create imaginary car problems in order to bring the price down. We almost fell victims to some. When in fact, when we had the car inspected by a real mechanic, it passed the test and he even noted that the car is excellently maintained and is spotless.

Have a great week!
Love & light,

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