Before & After: Sandstorm

Before the Sandstorm at Dubai Media City (Photo Credit: Lito Flestado)
As we prepare and brace ourselves for an upcoming typhoon to hit the Philippines this weekend, I'd like to share images of the eerie sandstorm in Dubai today.  Strong winds in a brown cloud of sand.
During and After (Photo Credit: Lito Flestado)

Typhoon or Sandstorm?  
I am missing Dubai, though.
Keep safe, everyone.

Oh, by the way, please share some love and check out this wonderful travel blog post by Marge of  Coffeehan where she invited 10 travellers to answer the question "Why Do I Travel?"

Love and Light,

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  1. The sandstorm hit Doha last night. Our office is a mess and the fire alarm went off. Today is just basically cleaning day at work.

  2. such shocking images... they really must have good windows and doors in Dubai!

  3. Beautiful images. I'm going to browse a little more through your blog now. Are you from the Philippines? I just posted about that today. What a coincidence. Have a lovely end of the week.

    1. Yes I am, Vanessa. I am going to check the article you posted now.