Happiness This Week

Hello! Hope you guys had a lovely weekend. Today, I'm sharing a photo blog post of what brought me happiness this week.  For those following me on Instagram, you must have already seen this.  A lovely day, a stroll by the sea, walking through streets like this one with the scent of roasted chicken and sautéed potatoes wafting through the air before lunch on a Sunday. I thank God for these beautiful moments.  

Happy to have walked this far and on flip-flops. New record set in my #10k steps a day challenge. 

Very practical for home improvements. Repainting existing tiles without breaking the budget.

A trip to a paint store made me feel like a kid at Christmas. The metal effect rust look was actually applied on gypsum.
I love a rustic look like this one!
Spent lovely days at the pâtisserie this week as an apprentice. My sis-in-law is an amazing pâtissière.
Big thanks to her for sharing her gift with me and for being a wonderful teacher.
I am very happy to learn making these for the first time. 
Working on pastries made me happy. I have my brother in law and sister in law to thank for this opportunity.
Excited to put my first macarons and chouquettes in the oven. 
I am happy to work with my hands and apply filling and coating on these chocolate and coffee eclairs.
The upside to working there is I get to eat some too. 
This coming week, I'll be helping my husband out, as his tandem buddy on the paramotor. Lots of adventure starting tomorrow and I heard there's going to be a lot of running, (and maybe screaming haha). I must say, I'm pretty nervous.  Oh well, I suppose we should do something we're scared of from time to time. Wish me luck. 

What made you very happy recently?
I wish each of you a week full of joy and fulfilment. 
Love & light,

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  1. Such an opportunity to work alongside your sister in law. Your cakes look wonderful!

  2. Your macarons and chouquettes look great!

  3. awesome pastries arni! how amazing :)

  4. Everything in this post brings me happiness! Especially the photo of you cooking. :) You have so much great ideas for budget home improvements.

  5. Your pastries look delicious and very photogenic as well. Bravo!