A Perfect Evening in Cholet

Coucou! I have missed you all. How have you been? I tried disconnecting but I can't help it. Guess what? I miss blogging. So here I am.  I'll pop in once in a while.  

Can you recall a day where everything was perfect? Like everything fell gracefully into place and you're just happy, happy, happy (and intoxicated, haha).  When was that time? 

For me, this day was one of them.  

It was my last day of pastry making apprenticeship with my sister-in-law. After we finished  making the "Trois Chocolat" and four cups of coffee later, we were toasting rose', chatting, while my brother-in-law rolled his pain-au-chocolat and croissants, filling up his trays, all ready to go into the oven. We enjoyed a long French lunch that started around past 1pm and ended by 4pm. 

Around this time, I remember being lightheaded with all the rose and white wine, my husband and I went for short walk in the forest next to a stream in Gazeau while the rest of the family took a short nap. We were back at their place by 6pm, and right on cue, the babysitter arrived to take care of their 3 kids while ours are looked after by my parents-in-law.  

A lovely double date. Both couples away from their kids. We went to Cholet, the nearest town from their quiet countryside village around 5 to 10 minutes away. We enjoyed a relaxing apero at Le Bar Ouf right across a church talking about our travel stories under a lovely weather.  I spotted this cathedral on our way to the Indian Restaurant.

My sister-in-law, Alex and brother-in-law Max were all bitten by the travel bug. They're going to cruise in Mallorca and Minorca, Spain in the next few weeks aboard a catamaran. This is in preparation for what they're about to embark on. They're planning to sell everything and sail across the world with their family by next year. Yes, homeschool. Life in the Sea. The works.

That evening, we were all craving for Indian food. It's so wonderful to dine with fellow gourmands that have great appreciation for spicy and exotic food. We talked about our past travels and future plans over naan and masala gravy that were tweaked to match the french palate (which means, they're not spicy enough the way we know how). Nevertheless, the food was delicious and the conversation was scintillating.  By 10pm we drove back and had a night cap before heading home. 

Cholet is in Western France in the region of Pays de la Loire and department of Maine-et-Loire. It's roughly around 3.5- 4 hours drive from Paris.

How to get to Cholet from Paris?

I want to share this time lapse video of Cholet.

What's up lately?

I feel better.  Slowly getting into the groove of things while preparing for my solo trip to Prague this week.  

We watched Yael Naim's concert in Les Sables D'Olonne several nights ago, with my baby daugther. Yael Naim was amazing! It was nice listening to her play and sing live and for free. You can read about it here.  As part of the audience, I had my 1 second unexpected appearance in a video of the said concert in the link. :)

What was your perfect day or evening like?
What happened? What made it special?

Love & light,

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  1. Glad to see you back sis! And it's nice to know that you seem to be feeling better now. Wow, Cholet looks like a beautiful place. I really hope I get to visit it someday. For now, Europe is just a dream of mine.

    About your last question, unfortunately I cannot share it because it now has a painful memory attached to it.

    1. Hi Marge, a new perfect day that will replace the previous one may surprise you.

  2. I'm still waiting for anything close to a perfect day, week, month, part of life... to appear :)
    Such a gorgeous cathedral that is.. we have one in my city too but our has a crack in the middle threatening to split it in half LOL

    1. That was so funny, I am trying to imagine the crack on that gorgeous cathedral. I wish that perfect day welcomes you with big open arms very very soon.

  3. You're going to have to share about all your in-laws' adventures - that sounds so terribly exciting!

    1. Great idea. I would love to, they're just a bit camera shy I'm afraid, but yes, I think they're pretty courageous for pursuing their dream to live on a boat.