La Place Napoléon

I love walkable cities! 

We have a few days left in France. We're spending the last days visiting family and friends for coffee. After visiting my grandmother-in-law in a nearby countryside village, we passed by the recently renovated, La Place Napoléon in La Roche Sur Yon, La Vendée, France for a brief sight-seeing.

I've been here countless times many years ago and it used to be a boring plaza. With the new facelift, it transformed into an ideal site to meet up with friends and chill out. It also serves as a bus station, with several bus waiting sheds next to the trees and lanes for buses to pick up passengers. A lively space to walk with some city-hiking trail markers that we spotted on some posts. There are benches ideal for people-watching or reading a book. 

A closer look at the interactive control panel
One of the many interactive metallic animal sculptures on water
Families play with interactive controls
Terraced Bar at La Place Napoleon
La Roche Sur Yon Town Council
Surrounding area of La Roche Sur Yon
 Where is it? How to get there from Nantes?

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. tres gorgeous :) and a bit kitschy too :) them frogs etc...

    1. Aha! Yes I think kitschy is the perfect word. The mechanical creatures are my least favorite too because the landscape looks great as it is.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Hena for your message and for dropping by.

  3. Kids would probably enjoy working the controls for the mechanical animals. I think it would've looked better without them, though.

    1. I very much agree. They were all occupied. Families were having fun with them.

  4. Those metallic creatures in there is really cool! plus controlling it? whoa! i wish i could experience that myself. :)

    1. It was lovely to watch an entire family have fun with them so I must say, perhaps it might be an interesting experience to play with the controls. Thanks for visiting, Stevevhan. :)