A Date with Myself in Vyšehrad

T'is the season of love. Valentine's Day falls on a weekend and the streets last night were filled with beaming young ladies carrying bouquets of flowers, huggable teddy bears making their appearance that were usually sitting quietly at the department store's children's section and men making a beeline to the florist & cupcake shops.  My husband is not big on celebrating it. Over the years, we ended up making  the 14th of February a celebration of self-love while transforming 364 days of the year into Valentine's instead.

If you were to take yourself out on a date this month, where would this be?

Vysehrad means "upper castle"
As I walked the crowded streets of Manila last night, my mind took me back to a time I traveled solo in Prague. By chance, I met two male travellers there and enjoyed their company over fresh pint of Czech beer after a free walking city tour. Traveling alone, we usually meet fellow backpackers along the way and sometimes we get swooped up joining them in the journey. I turned down their invite because this trip is a rare time for myself. Being a full hands on Mom and wife, well no complaints but every now and then,  I crave the silence. The freedom of stopping anytime I please. Drinking at whatever pub I choose without seeking another's opinion. The luxury of waking up early or late and walking at my own pace.

I walked from IP Pavlova to Vysehrad. It was a long and quiet walk. I needed to get to those two spires. Photo taken over the bridge along Nuselsky Most
 I'm just masochistic to walk the entire day to and fro. You can take the metro and hop off  at Vysehrad Station.
This is why I want to walk. I don't want to miss any of it. The park inside the historical fort.
Vlatva River view along the fortified walls of Vysehrad
Building above Libuse Bath
There are coffee shops and restaurants within the fortified city
Pause anytime and enjoy this view with a cup of coffee
Vysehrad Cemetery and St. Peter & Paul Church
Many famous people from Czech history are resting here. 
Vysehrad Cemetery
I perused the graves and was drawn by a particular one. A mother and daughter who both died. She was younger than I was when her life ended. I stood there for a very long time and wondered what happened.  I whispered a short prayer for both of them and wiped the tears in my eyes.  Crazy me..why am I crying over someone I don't know?  I took a picture of her grave ,but out of respect will not post it here. It was somewhere around this arched area. I hope she and her child found peace and eternal happiness.

Crossing all of these bridges on foot from one end to the other.

Have you ever crossed a wooden plank walkway of an old railway bridge? 

Vysehrad Railway Bridge built in 1871-1872
69.9 meters long. The creaky planks of the Vysehrad Railway Bridge walkway.
The view from this bridge is spectacular

The train whips past. The heavy vibration of the bridge under my feet , the strong wind ready to knock me over the thin metal railing with fear of falling and crashing hard in the deep Vltava River . It felt surreal. One of those moments I'll treasure forever. 

Adrenaline. Fear. Exhilaration. Freedom. Elation.

What is your favorite memory of a time alone?
What are your plans this weekend?
Is there a place you wish to re-visit, this time on your own?

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Love & light,

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  1. It is funny how we have a Visegrad in neighbouring Bosnia too :) Valentines is for me Singles Awareness Day :(

    1. I looked up Visegrad. Fascinating landscape and mysterious due to its dark history. I wish I get the chance to explore the Balkans someday. I met travelers who did during this trip and they all find the sites to be beautiful and rich with history.

  2. Maybe I should also set a day for self-love...I love that idea.

    1. Cheers to that. :) I would be happy to hear and read how it goes, Claire.

  3. Time alone is something I treasure - those quiet moments are important for my sanity and a time to collect and organize my thoughts. I haven't done an international trip for fun solo but maybe this year?

    1. Yay go for it. Traveling for business is indeed different because of the added anxiety haha but I appreciated leisure solo travel even more because of it. What they have in common are those quiet moments in between meetings and appointments that we both treasure.