Time Stands Still in an 18th Century French Village

I wandered through the charming 18th century french village and imagined what it was like to live in that era. At one point, I thought I walked inside one of Thomas Kinkade's paintings. This village is one of the attractions inside Puy du Fou, an international award winning historical theme park in Les Epesses, France.

Each shop within a traditionally built house offers something unique. Artisans clad in period costumes are busy hand-painting ceramic table ware, a calligraphy artist engrossed in her masterpiece, a shoe maker selling Vendéen wooden shoes in his humble shop, spending time browsing on your own or with your family will leave you a sense of calm, partly wishing to escape and live in such a peaceful period in history.  

I am capturing Puy du Fou, in the next series of posts. 

Bienvenue! Le Village XVIIIeme (Welcome to the 18th century Village.)
Imagine a romantic rendez vous by the secret garden on top of the hill
Visit the barn
The chimes echo, climb up the steps before the musical show
A visit to the vegetable garden
Aromatic herbs will delight you.
 Learn about traditional vegetable gardening during the 18th century
For a complete 18th Century culinary experience, try the traditional French menu with a glass of wine at Restaurant L'Alambic
Restaurant L'Alambic
There is Hotel Le Logis de Lescure within the theme park grounds, an 18th Century village lodge where you can check in.  The video below will give you a brief impression how it was like.

By the hour, the traditional musicians will lure you to dance to the tunes of Vendeen village music. I stayed here in the village for more than an hour. Holding a mug of coffee one cold afternoon, people watching and listening to french country music are just what my soul needed.

Muguet (Lily of the Valley). My profile photo proves this to be my favorite flower :)

Where is Puy du Fou?

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  1. Since France is so darn beautiful and peaceful (or at least it was before) I've always wanted to ask how come you and hubs didn't settle there instead of moving to much poorer Philippines?

  2. That's a very good question Dezzy..In fact it's something I ask myself whenever I get frustrated and sad here. :) Being a Francophile, I would fly to France and live there in a heartbeat. However, my husband and I realized that we have more chances doing what we love if we live in the Philippines. There are more potential for business. Having lived far away for years also meant we have no pension or anything to fall back on in France. Lower costs of living in the Philippines will allow us to live simply and be able to save for retirement. France will always be special to me though. I love the country, the culture, the cuisine,the language, the people, everything about it even the weather. France will always be my happy place.

  3. This is so beautiful! I love the lush gardens. I have no idea that camomille looked like that. My travel bucket list is always growing whenever I visit your blog!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. Guess what, neither did I. Living in France for 4-5 months made me passionate about herb gardening :) Would love to return there again one day.

  4. What a romantical little place! I've heard of it before but never seen actual pictures until now

    1. It did re-confirm the wishful feeling I had while reading 18th century themed novels, a short experience of fulfilling that wish to sort of exist in that period.

  5. �� I'm always searching for places like this here in France. I love how enchanting old villages are and the feel when you walk through the little town. It feels like you are time traveling and you can see the history etched in every house or shop. Thanks for showing this! Cheers!