La Renaissance du Chateau

Who's up for a Renaissance Experience?  Can I see some hands raised? Imagine you are invited at the castle and there's a wedding feast preparation with King Francis I and Henry XVIII as guests of honour. Yes, the Renaissance at the Castle of Puy du Fou in western France will make this daydream happen.

This is one of the attractions in the historical theme park, Puy du Fou started in June 1977 when Philippe de Villiers and Jean Saint Bris discovered old ruins of a Renaissance Castle where they started to create son et lumiere shows set in the beautiful Loire Valley.  They use this Castle as the main backdrop for the spectacular night show, Cinéscénie.

Welcome to the world of the Renaissance!
A limited number of guests are allowed inside the castle for a magical experience

Beautiful costumes. The lady narrates and welcomes the guests.
This is one of my favourite themed sites in the park, so much that I did it twice. Paintings talk, mirrors watch you in a Harry Potteresque fashion, the scents, sights, and sounds where the ghosts of the past linger. In any minute you are convinced that Leonardo da Vinci will appear in one of the rooms of the castle and stand next to you (He wasn't there just in case you look for him).  I was astonished and immensely impressed by the concept of walking through a row of knights in armour. Where else can we experience that? 

A royal walk through armored knights 
Splendid lighting by ACT Lighting Design
King & Queen 
Where is it?

Les Epesses, near Cholet in the Department of La Vendée, France.

To experience the Renaissance Wedding Feast, Puy du Fou features The Halle Renaissance , a themed restaurant for Eur 25-28 per person for a set menu.

Will I return again? Oh yes!

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Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. 'tis really pretty. I've always wondered what are the costs of keeping up a castle? :)

    1. It makes me wonder too. I'm crazy about castles. It must cost a fortune to maintain one. It's very interesting how others converted them to hotels or chambre d'hotel, restaurants and museums.

  2. I'd love to have a Renaissance experience. That'd be exciting! I've always wanted to go inside a real castle. I thought the girl in the picture is a statue until I read the caption, so she's a sort of a guide inside huh.

    Hopefully when I travel to France someday I'd get to visit this park.

    1. I've always imagined you to be an old soul so I'm definitely sure you will enjoy this. Yes I thought she was a statue at first and then she started moving and speaking. :) Some are volunteer actors from the Puy du Fou Academy.

  3. Looks like a fascinating place to visit. I can't say I've ever been to a Renaissance castle. If I end up in that part of France, I'll have to look it up.

    I like your website's new look.

    1. Thanks Sherry, both adults and especially kids will enjoy this park. I like how educational it is as well.

  4. Amazing scenery! The medieval roots of France being showcased here is absolutely wonderful. It catches the cultural heritage of the country in this article. Good Job!