How We Had Fun at the Boarding Gate

Anyone here feeling slightly anxious after an announcement has been made that your flight will be delayed and you have hours ahead with an active kid? Ever wonder how time could pass by unnoticed by your toddler?

Good news, for those traveling from Manila. NAIA Terminal 3 Departure Area just launched and opened yesterday a Children's Play and Activity center at the Boarding Gate.

It's a fairly decent sized space with colorful rubber mats where kids can play and socially interact for free. There's a playhouse gym with a slide. A green seesaw, a small swing, books and more. Just present your boarding pass and the staff will grant access.

We were advised that for toddlers below 2-3 years old, kids should be supervised by adults.
My daughter's eyes lit up and she got uber excited to try everything.

My OCD kicked in and I found myself scrubbing crayon marks on the slide. My husband had to call my attention to stop doing it. Haha. I just couldn't help wondering how the staff will clean up the crayon drawings on the floors playground, and toys.

If I may make a suggestion,  a separate partitioned corner like a coloring studio with tables and chairs even blackboard walls and  writable floors is an idyllic scenario. A place where kids can draw anytime and anywhere where they can't damage the expensive toy structures.  Coloring materials will be limited to this area and it's also much safer for kids since they won't be running around with crayons and markers in their hands.

Nevertheless, I love the colorful murals and it's perfect for parents to let their kids spend their extra pent up energies.

On a personal note: We, my husband, daughter and I are currently traveling. I mentioned planning one during my previous post. Before embarking on this seemingly very long trip to a remote island, I spent the past few days finishing up interior design drawings and specs for an apartment project of a friend. I hope to have Internet connection when we get there. I am looking forward to it. 

How do you make the most of your time while waiting to board the plane?
Have a lovely week!

Love and light,

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