Childlike Wonder Today

Don't you just love to do something unusual and childlike today? 

Sometimes, stress just gets the better of us.  I am guilty for taking life too seriously. I need to let go and take things lightly.  It's time to start loosening up and connect with the 'little me'

If I were to live today to the fullest, I would probably pick and do at least one of these things that my child like self will definitely enjoy:

1.  Pop bubble wraps.
2.  Take a bath in the rain.
3.  Watch my favorite cartoon.
4.  Read my favorite fairy tale.
5.  Grab crayons and draw on a big roll of paper.
6.  Browse through childhood photographs.
7.  Roll on the grass.
8.  Ride the swing.
9.  Jump.
10. Invite friends over and play board games.
11. Dress up wearing a costume of your favorite character.
12. Stare up at the clouds and imagine shapes.
13. Sing a kiddie song or a tune from your childhood or your favorite Disney song.
14. Eat your favorite candy.
15. Eat a Happy Meal.
16. Dance like no one is watching.
17. Play with my daughter and have a tea party.
18. Play jackstone, chinese garter and pick-up sticks with friends.
19. Cuddle a cat or a puppy.
20. Dance!
21. Play with bubbles.
22. Construct something with Lego.
23. Having nutella crepes for dinner.
24.  Play popular tunes from your childhood days.
25.  Enjoy a bike ride. 

What did you enjoy doing as a kid?
What memory brings you happiness?

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  1. It may be time to inject something child-like into my day - pillow fort anybody?

  2. I am not fond of children, but I love their ability to transport us to the other side of the world that just makes us relearn and reevaluate the beauty of life, and makes us want to live simply, happy, and carefree like them again.

    1. Hello Mikee, neither was I, until motherhood knocked at my door. :) Everything you said is so so true.