On a Personal Note: Freedom

Freedom.  This is it.  I felt it as soon as  I closed the door of the managing director's office.  I've just surrendered my Blackberry and laptop to the company I have worked for in 5 years.  It is liberating. Peaceful.

I did mention here in March for those of you who were dropping in,  that I have resigned. I was however, employed by the same company  as a part time project manager and designer for the execution of their 1000 sq.m corporate office renovation.  The last few months took me on a roller coaster ride of possible success and failures.   I learned a lot from this experience, not only the technical aspect of what office planning might entail, but mostly about myself.  How I react to unexpected situations beyond my control,  how to manage people and their demands, how to handle criticism, and how I bounced back from a rejection that stopped me from painting.  

As I climbed my car, leaving the gates of the office which was once my second home,  a smile triumphantly graced my lips.  I am entering a new life.  I can feel it in my core.  A surrender of my dreams and desires to the unknown.  A life that most people would deem idealistic and impractical. I am merely simplifying.  Finding true happiness.   I am forever grateful for this journey of discovering who I really am and the opportunity to find what I am born to do.  

Have a blissful Tuesday!

P.S. I was captivated by the fun childlike wonder and freedom of this little girl playing by the fountain in Christchurch Botanical Garden in New Zealand. I had to take a picture of it.

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