The Best Waterfall I Have Ever Seen

My youngest sister ecstatically gushes, "To date, this is the best waterfall I have ever seen in my life!" 

I paused and wondered for several seconds and yes, I found myself nodding as well, "Me too!"

Tumalog Falls.  My husband saw the cascades months before I did when he toured our friend around the southern part of the island while I stayed home to babysit. I remember him mentioning how beautiful it is and why it's his favorite waterfall. He describes Tumalog Falls as a look-alike to Dubai Mall's artificial waterfall with diving sculptures. He meant this as a compliment by the way.   

I haven't really read nor seen any picture prior to being there. That's the beauty of going to any place with zero expectation, the childlike astonishment engulfs you.  "I'm glad I decided to go," follows this mental dialogue.  

How to get there?

From Cebu's National Highway in Oslob not far from the Oslob Whale Shark Watching Site, I remember driving through a narrow meandering road. We reached a cliff side clearing where we pulled to the side of the road with limited spaces to park the car.  

Habal-habal drivers offered to take you down for a return trip at Php 50 per person.  The gravel path down to the falls was steep and much as it would have been a great trek downhill, the uphill hike was  not something I looked forward to so off we went with the habal-habal driver.  

I can't wait to try walking though, the next time I visit. 

Certainly, the habal-habal fee increases if you take it from the National Road.  

There is now a pitched tent at the entrance for a fee of Php 20 pesos. Back in August 2017, this tent wasn't there yet.  

You would need to remember the number of your habal-habal driver, so the person at the entrance/exit tent can call your driver to pick you up from her walkie-talkie.

Still, the raw beauty that welcomes you will lure you to forget about these mindless details.  So much that most people like my husband, forgot his motorcycle driver's number. :)

Ah, that moment where you want to jump in the water and you realize you didn't bring any swimwear! The water was as cold as refrigerator water, but refreshing.  I could stay there for hours, staring at the waterfalls while listening to that calming sound under the canopy of trees. 

Tumalog Falls remains as my favorite waterfall.
Which one is yours?
Will you walk it or take the habal-habal?

Love & light,

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  1. I could definitely see why you guys think it's the most beautiful waterfall because it does look beautiful. For now, the most beautiful waterfall that I've seen is Hulugan Falls and the trek going there is not easy. I have to see Tumalog Falls in person to know how the two can be compared. Maybe when I finally go to Cebu next year!

    1. I just googled Hulugan Falls and it is indeed impressive! I have yet to see it. I'm looking forward to your trip here in Cebu