Getting to New Zealand

Exploring New Zealand by car has always been in our bucket list.  

Taking the family along on a road trip makes it even more interesting, fun and sometimes challenging.  There were the 5 of us. My husband, my 3 year old daughter, my mother-in-law, father-in law and yours truly.  

We decided to spend our Christmas and New Years together in Kiwi land for a change. They flew in to Cebu from France and we traveled to New Zealand together a week later. 

Planning the Logistics

December marks the beginning of summer vacation.  Hence, December to February are considered the high season, so it is wise to book well in advance.  

We booked our return plane tickets some time in July. The cheapest ones we found were through China Airlines. (Manila - Taipei - Brisbane - Auckland).

Additionally, we booked a Cebu Pacific flight from Cebu to Manila (Terminal 3) and had to switch terminals.

One important thing to consider with connecting flights from different terminals in Manila is to have not less than minimum 5 hours in between flights in order not to miss your connection, just in case there are delays. Oh, not to mention the traffic getting to and fro different terminals via the free airport shuttle.


You see, when my husband plans the itinerary, be sure it'll be a super-charged one.  The kind where you need another vacation to rest after a trip.  

Here is the excel file for a 1 month roadtrip, click:    Travel Itinerary Chill Version

While we edited our travel itinerary a couple of times to make it a less stressful one, we ended up making hotel reservations, rental car and boat tickets around end of August to September which was a tad late.  By then, most of the inexpensive yet comfortable accommodations were filled. 

Luckily, we managed to snatch a few good ones.


The most practical and cost effective route for us was starting our journey in Auckland (North Island) headed south bound, ending our trip in Christchurch.

We arranged a rental car online in advance via Easy Rent Cars with a pickup around Auckland Airport and we dropped it in Christchurch the day before our plane departure. Yohann and I are the designated drivers in this trip.

They accepted our Philippine Non-Professional Driver's License by the way. Since, mine was still on paper (The 5-year DL cards were still unavailable), I sent them a copy of my valid Dubai Driver's License instead.

Keep left.  A quick self study on the traffic rules in NZ and we were all set.


The entire family had French Passports so they didn't need to apply.

I, on the other hand, applied for a Visitor Visa and submitted all of my requirements (scanned documents) online.

Apply for a New Zealand Visitor Visa

It was free! Once I received my appointment in Cebu City, I submitted my Philippine Passport and I got my Visa after a few days. It was such a breeze!

Tune in for videos and posts about our 1 month adventure. 
Love & light,

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  1. It's was a nice journey of newzealand and also it's nice idea to spend time with family. It's enjoyable and memorable time.Thanks for sharing this post.I enjoyed reading it.