3 Things I Like About Pinas This Week

If there is one thing that I have learned about myself living in the Philippines, is that it is a lot easier to identify causes of our daily frustrations than spot something to be grateful for. Hence, I have started this series to kick start my habit of appreciation.

Here are a list of 3 things I love about Pinas this week:

1. Communities that Care

I find inspiration in local communities that care about our environment. 

The other day, I shook my head as I watched a woman inside a jeepney throw away her empty plastic and straw unto the  street like the world is her personal trash can.

Instead of fuming, I tune in to these groups that make a difference and show that it's possible to change.

Plastic Free Bohol   A movement against plastic pollution in Bohol, Philippines
Banned from the Beach  See Trash, snap a pic and send via DM
Zero Waste PH   Starting a zero waste life in the Philippines
Planet Cora Dedicated in Creating Sustainable Programs
Nature Kids of Siargao Protect NATURE Educate KIDS OF Treasure SIARGAO
Save Philippines Seas Mobilizing seatizen-led initiatives that empower Filipinos towards collective action and behavior change

2.  Rainy days and evenings during the summer season

The erratic weather nowadays makes it difficult for rice farmers to foresee the best time to plant rice and make the most of the rainy season. The end of March drastically changed to dry scorching heat while some fields were reaching close to harvest. It was a huge relief to have intermittent rain most days.  

Watching these kids having fun under the rain brought me back to carefree days of childhood. It was a sight to see, I just had to capture it. They were running around, laughing as children should. 

3.  Homebaked Baguette in the Philippines

As you know, we live in the countryside. I could probably grab a basket and sing Belle's (Beauty and the Beast), "Little Town" on the way to the market but I think Mikey Bustos' "Barangay" Version would be more like it.

Living 2 hours away from the city, a fresh baguette would be hard to find, so we make them ourselves.  This is my husband's thing and it quickly became a family activity. We are huddled together around the granite kitchen counter kneading and rolling dough.

We stock them in the freezer.  Whenever we need a fresh batch in the morning, we defrost it in the microwave et voila!  Pair it with salted butter and french press coffee, it becomes a perfect weekend breakfast.

It takes quite a bit of patience but do-able. The ingredients are readily available - local non-branded All purpose flour from the dry market, salt, yeast and water.

What are 3 things that you like where you live?
Have a great week!
Love & light,

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  1. Baking is one of my favourite pastimes - there's nothing like fresh bread straight out of the oven

    1. I agree, there is something relaxing and therapeutic going on while baking.