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What happens when you quit everything to start over after a life changing event 

One day, I found myself heading  home after many years of living overseas. No one prepared me for the repatriation blues that embraced me as soon as I returned.

  • Are you planning to come home for good?
  • Are you planning to start a life somewhere with the love of discovering beauty that may go by unnoticed? 
  • Are you a repatriate trying to re-integrate yourself back in your estranged home country? 
If you answered yes to any of these, then you came to the right place.  

This blog highlights the love of collecting meaningful experiences, heeding the call to wanderlust and re-discovering Philippines, my home country one step at a time.

A Nomadic Family Looking for a Place We Can Call Our Home.
All of the traveling and exploration of the Philippines throughout the last couple of years was driven by the need to find our ideal location that we can truly call our home. We have found ourselves happily set up in the Queen City of the South.

Here, you will find our adventures in creating our identities in my estranged home country.

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This nomadic lifestyle brought repatriation blues from time to time. The joy I found in walking helped me immensely. Here you will see Happy Walk Series where I follow a trail or make my own. It gives me a lot of time to reflect and think while basking in the beauty around me or discovering profound joy in the randomness of everyday, of things that we might miss if we are too busy.

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